Class 10 Future Simple State Verb Speaking Practice

Class 09 Future Simple State Verb Speaking Practice With Tariq
Will you be fine?
Yes, I’ll be fine.
No, I won’t be fine.

You’ll be fine.
you won’t be fine.

Yes, we’ll be fine.
No, we won’t be fine.

Will they be fine?
Yes, they’ll be fine.
No, they won’t be fine.

Will he be fine?
Yes, he’ll be fine.
No, he won’t be fine.

Will she be fine?
Yes, she will be fine.
No, she won’t be fine.

Will you be satisfied?
Yes, I’ll be satisfied.
No, I won’t be satisfied.

You’ll be satisfied.
you won’t be satisfied.

Yes, we’ll be satisfied.
No, we won’t be satisfied.

Will they be satisfied?
Yes, they’ll be satisfied.
No, they won’t be satisfied.
Will he be satisfied?
Yes, he’ll be satisfied.
No, he won’t be satisfied.

Will she be satisfied?
Yes, she will be satisfied.
No, she won’t be satisfied.

Will you be tired?
Yes, I’ll be tired.
No, I won’t be tired.

You’ll be tired.
You won’t be tired.

Yes, we’ll be tired.
No, we won’t be tired.

Will they be tired?
Yes, they’ll be tired.
No, they won’t be tired.

Will he be tired?
Yes, he’ll be tired.
No, he won’t be tired.
Will she be tired?
Yes, she will be tired.
No, she won’t be tired.

Will you be alive?
Yes, I’ll be alive.
No, I won’t be alive.

You’ll be alive.
You won’t be alive.

Yes, we’ll be alive.
No, we won’t be alive.
Will they be alive?
Yes, they’ll be alive.
No, they won’t be alive.

Will he be alive?
Yes, he’ll be alive.
No, he won’t be alive.

Will she be alive?
Yes, she will be alive.
No, she won’t be alive.

Will you be angry?
Yes, I’ll be angry.
No, I won’t be angry.

You’ll be angry.
You won’t be angry.

Yes, we’ll be angry.
No, we won’t be angry.

Will they be angry?
Yes, they’ll be angry.
No, they won’t be angry.
Will he be angry?
Yes, he’ll be angry.
No, he won’t be angry.

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Will she be angry?
Yes, she will be angry.
No, she won’t be angry.

Will you be late?
Yes, I’ll be late.
No, I won’t be late.

You’ll be late.
You won’t be late.

Yes, we’ll be late.
No, we won’t be late.

Will they be late?
Yes, they’ll be late.
No, they won’t be late.

Will he be late?
Yes, he’ll be late.
No, he won’t be late.
Will she be late?
Yes, she will be late.
No, she won’t be late.

Will you be there?
Yes, I’ll be there.
No, I won’t be there.

You’ll be there.
No, you won’t be there.

Yes, we’ll be there.
No, we won’t be there.

Will they be there?
Yes, they’ll be there.
No, they won’t be there.

Will he be there?
Yes, he’ll be there.
No, he won’t be there.

Will she be there?
Yes, she will be there.
No, she won’t be there.

Will you be busy?
Yes, I’ll be busy.
No, I won’t be busy.

You’ll be busy.
No, you won’t be busy.

Yes, we’ll be busy.
No, we won’t be busy.

Will they be busy?
Yes, they’ll be busy.
No, they won’t be busy.

Will he be busy?
Yes, he’ll be busy.
No, he won’t be busy.

Will she be busy?
Yes, she will be busy.
No, she won’t be busy.

Where will they be?
Why will you be late?
How much will it be?
You will have headache after the party.
She won’t have courage to say anything.
You’ll get embarrassed.


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