Correct forms of verbs – Basic English Grammar

Correct forms of verbs – Basic English Grammar Lessons For students

Correct forms of verbs


if any sentence contains the following word

every day (month, week, year,)
every Sunday, Monday, etc
Once, twice, three times, a million time

Then we use the present indefinite tense for the given verb

tariq (go) to school by bus
Ans. Tariq goes to school by bus

The bell ring every hour

Ans. The bell rings every hour

she often (come) to my house in the evening.

Ans. She often comes to my house in the evening

l (meet) him on every Sunday.

Ans. I meet him on every Sunday

He generally (travel) by car.

Ans. He generally travels by car

You watch too much TV

Ans. You watch too much TV

Tariq and Suleman (comes) home at five

Ans. Tariq and Suleman come home at five

We (played) Cricket every Sunday
Ans. We play Cricket every Sunday

Tariq sometime (taken) tea in the evening
Ans. Tariq sometime takes tea in the evening

He always (played) the piano

he always plays the piano

she usually (come) home late?
I (goes) to office by bus.
He (worry) about her.
They sometimes (miss) the bus

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Correct form of verb rules

correct form of verb rules for students

If any sentence contains the following words :
Listen ! look ,still, now , these days ,these weeks , these years , these months, at the movement,ect then we use present continuous tense .


1.listen !your father (sleep) now .(not make a noise.)
Ans. Listen! Your father is sleeping now . do not make a noise

  1. look !this car (move)very fast.
    Ans.look!this car is moving very fast

What are you (d0) nowadays?
what are you doing nowadays?

She (watch) tv now
She is watching tv now

He (play) cricket at the movement.
He is playing cricket at the movement

Look! Tariq (takes) tea
Look! Tariq is taking tea

Listen! I (go) to market.
Listen! I am going to market.


I still (wait) for the justice for Zainab
I am still waiting for the justice for Zainab

You still (learn) English?
Are you still learning English

People (forget) Zainab case now
People are forgetting Zainab case now

Ahmed (write)a letter now
She daily (make) me tea for me.
He is (doing) nothing these days
Are you still (wait) for him?
He (read) peer e kamil these weeks
We (drive) a car at the movement

Sentence of the day
Is it true?
kiya yeh sach hai?

Is it true that she’s married ?

Question of the day

Have you ever tried to speak english?
Are you married?
Is it love marriage or arrange marriage?

Pray for me
O Allah guide me to the right path(ameen)

Pray for my student

Quotes of the day

We are all crazy.
Some of us just hide it
better than others

sometimes people have to cry out
all their tears to make a room
for a heart full of smiles

justice for Zainab


Choose the correct forms of the verb


choose the correct verb worksheet

If any sentence contains the following words.
(3) so far
(4) recently
(5) yet
Then we use present perfect tense.

I already (take) tea.
Ans. I have already taken tea.

  1. They (not come) yet.
    Ans. They have not come yet.
  2. She just (arrived)
    Ans. She has just arrived


  1. We just (start)
    Ans. We have just started.
  2. He already (got) late.
    Ans. He has already got late.

  3. Tariq recently (become) a doctor
    Ans. Tariq has recently become a doctor.

  4. You (check) four papers so far.
    Ans. You have checked four papers so far.

  5. I just (get) free
    Ans. I have just got free.

I (found) anything yet
I haven’t found anything yet

you (fix) the car yet?
Have you fixed the car yet?


They just (gone) there
We already (meet)
he already (fix) it.
I (not learn) yet

Questions of the day

What do you miss most about the ‘old days’?
Do You Miss The “Good Old Days?”


Useful proverbs

you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

yeh mumkin nahii keh tum kaho chit bhii merii paT bhii merii!


Quotes of the day


the most beautiful kind of smile is one that struggles through tears


Verb Form Exercises With Answers

verb form exercises with answers

if any sentence contains the following words.

last/previous day (month week, years)
then we use past indefinite tense.

I(see) him yesterday in the market.
Ans. I saw him yesterday in the market

I (buy) some fruits yesterday.
Ans. I bought some fruits yesterday.

She goes to the hospital yesterday
Ans. She went to the hospital yesterday.

we (go) to London twice last year
Ans. We went to London twice last year

He (write)me last week about his studies.
Ans. He wrote me last week about his studies.

I (not talk) to John yesterday.
Ans. I didn’t talk to John yesterday.

I (be) in Japan 3 days ago.
Ans. I was in Japan 3 days ago.

She (have) a headache yesterday.
Ans. She had a headache yesterday.

We (do) our homework last night.
Ans. We did our homework last night.


i (am) in karachi previous day
We (go) to lucky one Last month
I (see) a movie yesterday.
I (not see) a play yesterday.
Last year, I (travel) to Japan.

Vocabulary of the day

otherwise what will you do?
warna kiya karlo gai

Quote of the day


God’s plan is always the best. Sometimes the process is painful and hard. But don’t forget that when God is silent, He’s doing something for you

Question of the day

Why do people like to keep pets?

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets

complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets

Rule –v (as and (while)
If any sentence contains the word “as and while” the this immediate verb should be change into past continuous and the any other verb in the same sentence is to be changeb into past indefinite .
Exampies :
1 as (enter) in the room ,she (look)some food for me.
Ans. As l was entering in the room, she looked for some food for me.
If any sentence contains the word “when” the the immediate verb in the same sentence is to be changed into past landefinite tense and the other verb into past continuous.
Examples :
2 when you (call) me. (look) upstairs .
Ans.when you called me l was looking upstairs.
Rule –vll
If any sentence contains the word “after” then the change the immediate verb into past perfect tense and other verb in the same sentence will be change into past indefinite tense .
1.after l (finish) my job ,l(go) away with my boss.
Ans after l had finished my job,l went away with any boss.
If any sentence contains the word “before” then the immediate verb changes into past indefinite and any other verb in the same sentence change into past perfect.
1.the cinderella (go)before l(come)
Ans.the cinderella had gone before l come.
If any sentence contains the following words.
1.shortly 2.soon 3.tomorrow /coming(days,months,years weeks)
Then we use future indefinite tense.
1.l(go)to france next year.
Ans.l will go to France next year.
2.he(come to college tomorrow.
Ans he will come to college tomorrow.
If sentence contains helping verb ‘has been” have been”had been”then “vl (lng)”form is used.
1.cinderella has been (read) since morning
Ans cinderella has been reading since morning.
Rule –xl
After “for” and “By”,vl (ing)Form is used
Khurram came here for (meet) Cinderella.
Ans .khurram came here for meeting Cinderella.
If the sentence contains (to be).then helping verb i .e is ,am,are,was,were,has,have,had,is used accordingly.
1. Mustaqeem (to be)sutding in is room.
Ans Mustaqeem is studying his room.
(conditional sentence )
1.if present indefinite, future lndefinte.
If you (work) hard. you (succeed)
If you work hard, you will succeed.
2.if past indefinite , subject +would+verb 1st+object.
If knew him, (tell)you.
If knew him, l would tell you.
3. If past perfect, subject +would have+3rd form of verb+ object .
If l had gone there,l(inform)her.
If I had gone there,l would have informed her
If l had been there, l(slap)him.
If I had been there,l would have slept him.


1.l (write)him a note of thanks for the gifts.
2.he (work)slowly but skillfully. (begin) to rain just as we (leave)the house.
4. he (get) a raise in his salary soon.
5. l (wait) here for an hour , but my friend (not come)yet.
6. by the end of the month l (finish)my job.
7.the tide (go) out half a kilometre since we (arrive).
8. l (not see) you for a long time.
9.look! that man (wave )a red flag.
10.l had (go) to Lahore by train but (not get) a ticket.
11.does anyone know who (take) my pen?
12.she (live )in this house since 1970.
13.l(not see) her for year.
14.the sun (shine)in Egypt in summer;it (shine)now.
15.neither you nor l(be)good enough to pass this examination.
16.l (sit)down for so long that l have cramp is my legs.
17.l (read) half a dozen books since Sunday.
18.he(hide)in London when the police finally (find) him

19.l(wait)here for an hour but he (not come) yet

20.the guests (depart) before l (arrive)
21.while l(clean) the blackboard, the principal (enter)the class .
22.he (drive) very fast .
23.she (write)these letters yesterday .
24.l(surprise) at his sudden visit.
25.she(fall) down while she (play).
26.when you(see)him yesterday.
27.he told me that he (finish) the letter already. famous saying that charity (begin) at home.
29.we (play) in this ground since moring .
30. l expect he (go) a to Australia as soon as he (get) a visa.
31.he (lean) against the door and (listen) to the wireless when l (try)to speak to him.
32. he(smoke)five cigarettes a day.
33.l (buy) this car last year.
34.l (not see) him since Friday .
35.lf he(ask) me, l will help him.
36.he(sleep) since 5p.m.
37.she (sleep) when l reached there.
38.aslam (write)a letter now.
39.l(go) to Lahore two years,he ago,but l(not be) there since.
40.if he works hard next year, he(pass) the examination. to rain just as l (leave) the house.
42.lf he (work) hard , he (get) through the examination.
43.what you(do) for a living.
44.after he (drive) half the way, he (run) out of fuel.
45.lf he had informed me, l (go) there.
46.he (look) for the letter for the hours , but (not find) it yet.
47.she (drink) two cups of tea every day.
48.yesterday l (see) him in cinema.
49. lf he (ask) me, l (answer) him.
50.l (sell) my motor-bike yesterday .
51.look! that man (wave) a red flag.
52.the bus (turn) a corner when a private car (crash) into it.
53.l usually(take) the bus to the office but today l(go) by train.
54.where you (go) for your holiday last year .
55.l (read) this book since five o’clock.
56.if he works hard next year, he (pass) the examination.
57.after we (finish) the work ,we went home.
58.can,t you see that l (work)?
59.the weather (be) fine , shall go out .
60.they (meet) me yesterday .
61.john (write)a letter now.
62.she rarely (do) her work on time .
63.l (hear) such stories many times before.
64.l(read)a book when he (come) in. (rain) in (rain) now.
66.l (buy) a car next year
Past paper corrected verb
1.the second form of the verb seek is:(2015)
1.seeked b)sought c) seeken d) soak
2.he (keep)looking at her, wondering where he (see) her before (2015)
3.l (play)there sets of tennis yesterday and (win) all of them .(2014)
4.—– bees get honey from the flowers (2013)
5.a great number of students ——present at the lecture yesterday .(2013)
6.he threw old papers —— the well (2013).
7.the Birkenhead sank —– 25th February 1851 (2013)
8.the present king like his predecessors (love) good food(2013)
9.his is ——only person l trust .(2011)
10.he went —— college —–noon.(2011)
11.the car —— very fast when the accident —— (2011)
12.the bus ——arrived —— the station exactly —– time (2010). father never agrees —- me, he disapproved everything l try to do (2010)
14.—–tigers are—— man-eating animals (2010).
15.take.—— umbrella with you —– office (2010).
16.he (hide) in London when the police finally (find) him (2010).
17.while l(write) a latter , the telephone bell (ring)(2008). (rain) since morning (2008).
19.l shall go to the party if my brother (allow) me (2008).
20.lf you had come to me,we (go) to see the match(2008). to rain just as we (leave) the house(2007).
22.lf the weather is fine , l (go) out (2007).
23.ahmed (write)a letter now (2007).
24.twice two (be) four(2007).
1.began ,left(2007) 2. Will go(2007) writing (2007) 4.will be (2007).
25.l won ‘t leave before she (arrive) (2006).


26.after i leave the hospital ,l (play) you a visit(2006).
27.he (finish) the work before l got there (2006).
28.who (thrown) that piece of chalk while l (write ) on the blackboard ? (2006).

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