DO AND DOES – English Grammar Basics In Urdu

DO AND DOES – English Grammar Basics In Urdu – Difference Between do and does In Urdu – When to use do. When to use does.

In this lesson, we’re going to discuss where to use Do and does.

When to use do and does


Present simple

Future simple



Does as a verb

Present Simple


Do as a helping verb

Present simple




I do my best

Did you do it?

I didn’t do it

I will do my best

Please do it for me

I have to do it.

I should do it alone

You must do it for me

What do you do?

Do not do this.

don’t do this.

1st do is a helping verb

2nd do is a verb

Does as a verb

He does for me

She does it for free

Does as a helping verb

Where does she work?

Where does he go?

Does Tariq take tea?

Does it work?

Doesn’t = does not

He does not like me.

She doesn’t love you.


Do as a helping verb

I do not work for him

I don’t like it

You do not play cricket

You do not like cricket.

We do not watch tv shows.

We do not take coffee.

They do not like us.

we don’t love each other anymore

My wife and I don’t love each other anymore

Do you work for him?

Do we love each other?

Do they take tea?

Do I know you?


Vocabulary of the day

Angry (adj)  (gussa)

When someone is angry, they may want to speak loudly or fight

She didn’t do her homework, so her father is angry.


Golden words

A saint was asked – “What is anger?” He gave a beautiful answer – “It is a punishment we give to our-self, for somebody else’s mistake!


The two hardest things to say in life are hello for the first time and goodbye for the last.


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