English Phrases For Meetings – Meeting Sentences In Urdu

Lesson eighty-seven English Phrases for Meetings - meeting ملاقات Sentences In Urdu Good morning Subha Bakhair How are you? Kaisey hai? Kaisey mizaj hai I am fine, thanks Main theak ho sukriya How is your health? App ki tabiyat kesi hai My health is good. Meri tabiyat theak hai How is your father? App k abu kaisey hai My father is good. Mere abu theak/achey hai How is your mother? App ki ammi kaisi hai My mother is good. Meri ammi achi hai Good evening Sham bhakhair Goodbye Phir miley gai Have a pleasant day Din bhakhair Din acha guzairey I am very pleased to meet you Majhey app sey mil kar bohat khushi hui I am also happy to see you Majhey bhi app sey mil kar khushi hui What a wonderful coincidence! Kiya khoob itifaq hai I have not seen you for a long time. Maine ap ko kafi arsey sey dheka nehi I have missed you a great deal. Maine app ki kafi bohat mehsoos ki I really had a desire to see you Majhey waqie app sey milney ki bhari khawish thi Convey my regards to all the members of your family. Apney tamam gher walo ko mera salam dena I thank you Main app ka sukriya karta ho Thank you Sukriya app ka Thanks Sukriya Many thanks Bohat bohat sukriya You are welcome Kio baat nehi My apology Maaf kijye ga Welcome Khushmadeed I welcome you Main apka estaqbal karta ho I welcome you with open arms Main khuley dil se app ko khushmadeed kahta ho Have a good day. Have a nice day Have a pleasant day App ka din acha guzarey go in Allah's protection Allah hafiz Stop killing in Burma

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