15 English Sentences For Everyday Speaking

Lesson 17 : Common English Sentences For Everyday Speaking

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15 English Sentences
How  beautiful kitna khobsorat
The sun rises in the east soraj masharak se nikalta hai
Show me how to do it mujha  dekhao ya kaisa hota hai
We cannot start because it is raining hum shoro nhi kar sakty kyo k barish horhi hai
I think that you have made a mistake mujha lagta hai k tum na koi galti ki hai
Mind your own business apna kam se kam rhkho
God  knows better ALLAH batar janta hai
Once more ek bar phir
Hold it isko pakro
Take out the shoes apna jotay utro
Keep smiling Muskratey rho
Who told you? tumha kis na kaha
I swear mai kasam khati hun
Because kyun ka
I feel happy mai khush mahsoos karta h
I am relaxing  today aj mai aram kar rhi hun
I am thinking, don’t disturb me mai soch rhi hun mujha parachan mat karo

’Only two persons are very happy In this world…One is mad……!n 2nd one is child…..!

Be a mad 2  achieve what u desirve And be a child 2 enjoy what u have’’

English Sentences For Everyday Speaking

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