Useful Basic English Sentences In Urdu Lesson Ninety-Eight

Useful Basic English Sentences In Urdu Lesson Ninety-Eight

Small things happen in big places

Small things happen in big cities

Barey shahron mein choti choti baatain hoti hai


Everything of mine is yours.

Jo kuch mera hai woh tumhara hai


I will do this on my own.

Maine yeh khud karo ga


There is nothing like that.

Esi kio baat nehi


Believe me there is nothing like that.

Yaqeen karo majh per esi kio baat nehi


What are you upto?

Kia ho raha hai


Where are you going in such a rash?

Itni jaldi mein kaha ja rahe ho

Why do you always tease him/her?

Tum humesha usey kyon tang kartey ho


Do you think? i am scared of you.

Kiya tumhey lagta hai main tumsey darta ho


Compose yourself

Khud ko sambhaloo


something fishy

Kuch garbar hai/ dal mein kuch kala hai


I can feel there is something fishy

Maine mehsoos kar sakta ho kuch garbar hai


Golden Lines

when i was young i didn’t understand how could people cry in the prayers. it was unusual for me but now i know too well why do we so while growing up i realised when your heart feel heavy, you just automatically in sujood & call out ALLAH for help because only he can help you

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