English To Urdu Conversation Sentences

English To Urdu Conversation SentencesLesson 19: English Sentences in Urdu and  HindiBasic Sentences Lesson 19

This Yeh
That Wooh
This is a book. Yeh kitab hai
This is not a book. Yeh kitab nehi hai
Is this a book? Kiya yeh kitab hai
What is it? Yeh kiya hai
That is a pencil. Wooh pencil hai
That is not a pencil. Wooh pencil nehi hai
Is that a pencil? Kiya wooh pencil hai
What is that? Wooh kiya hai
What is your address? Tumhra pata(address) kiya hai
What’s your name? Tumhra naam kiya hai
What colour is this? Yeh konsa rang hai
What size is that? Wooh kitna naap ka hai
What day is today? Ajj din kiya hai
Milk is good to health Doodh sehat k liye acha hai

When ever you get really attached to some one more than any one Else than that person is surely going to hurt you more than Any one else

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