Fear Of Making mistakes is the reason you didn’t learn English

My question is “Fear of making mistakes is the reason you didn’t learn English” is it true? let’s talk about it.
Mera sawal yeh hai k kia app angreezin es liye nhi bol party uski waja galati karney ka dar app ko English sikhney aur bolney nhi deta
Kiya yeh sach hai chaley es Barey mein baat kartey hai
“All credit goes to Nadir”
Tamam post ka credit nadir ko Jata hai
Many English students learn to speak English hardly. They try many methods and study almost all the time. Some of them use the right method but they still don’t speak English fluently.
Boht set angreezin talib e ilm english bolney mei boht muskil hoti hai. Woh koshish toh bohat kartey hai bahat sey tareeqay bhi apnatey hai aur har waqt parhtey rakhtey hai kuch log Sahi tareeqay bhi apnatey hai English sikhney ka phir bhi angreezi rawani sey nhi bol party esi kiya waja hai

They are always seeking the reason why they don’t speak English fluently. They usually forget that psychology is as important as the method used to learn English. They don’t know that the fear of making mistakes can make speaking English just not possible!

Woh humesha esi sawal ki talash mein rahtey hai k Kyo woh rawani sey angreezi nhi bol saktey , woh aam tor per yeh baat Bhool jatey hai ka psychology bhi ahmiyat rakhti hai English k tareeqay  Jo woh apnatey hai woh log yeh baat nhi jantey k galati karney ka Jo khauf hai ya dar hai galati ho jaye gi ager esi dar mein rahe toh angreezi kabhi nhi bol saktey , dar ko nikaley baghair English bolna namumkin hai.

What is fear of making mistakes?

Ab sawal ata hai Kiya hai galatiya karney ka dar akhir yeh kia bala hai

An English learner who is afraid of making mistakes is someone who doesn’t take risks. Whenever he tries to speak English, he thinks about mistakes. He wants to be perfect!

Angreezi sikhney wala shaks ager galati sey sarey ga  aur khatra nhi uthaye ga angreezi bolney ka aur  woh sirf galatiyo k barey mein sochy ga aur har kio chahta hai woh esi English boley jis mein kio galati na ho ya phir us ki angreezi perfect ho

This kind of English learner doesn’t speak unless they are perfect. They think making mistakes is very bad. In fact, making mistakes is great.

Es kisam ka angreezi sikhney waley angreezi nhi bol saktey jab Tak woh perfect na ho jaye aur esi chakkar mein kabhi English bol hi nhi party Kyo woh log sochtey galatiya karna aik buri baat hai lekin haqeeqat mein galatiya karna zabardast hai Kyo galatiyo k baad hi hum perfect bandtey hai

Causes of fear of making mistakes

Galatiya karney ka dar ki waja

There are many things that make English learners afraid of making mistakes:

Waja toh bohat sari k aik angeezi sikhney wala galatiya karney sey darta chale es Barey bhi baat kartey hai

  • They think about what others think about them when they make mistakes.

Woh sochtey k log kia sochey un k Barey mein ager woh galatiya kartey hai toh shayad log hasey ya mazak uraye es liye woh nhi boltey ya koshish hi nhi kartey

  • They are shy and don’t want others to laugh at them.

Woh sharmiley hotey hai aur chahtey k unki angreezi sun kar log hasey

  • They want to be perfect.

Woh perfect hona chahtey hai es chakkar mein kabhi English nhi bol patey

  • They pretend they are fluent English speakers where they are not.

Woh log dhekwa kartey hai hai k woh angreezj rawani sey bolnsaktey hai per haqeeqat mein woh jouth ya bahaney ka Sahara letey ha

Zidya tar log sirf grammar rules per hi lagey rehty hai es chakkar mein bhi woh na boltey hai na koshish kartey ha

  • They focus on pronunciation and accent.

Unki sari tawaju angreezi ko British ya American lehjey mein bolney per hoti hai

  • They think about language structure when speaking. There are many other factors that increase the fear of making mistakes. The listed above are just few of them!

Woh sochtey structure ya pattern ya grammar k Barey jab woh baat kartey hai waisey to boht si wajuhat hai  Jo Bhara deti hai apkay galatiya karney k khauf ko yeh thorey sey reason Jo maine apki bataye Jo upper diye gaye hai
Why is fear of making mistakes bad?
Kyo galatiya karney ka dar ya khauf bura aur kharab hai

We talked about the causes of being afraid of making mistakes. Now, we are going to talk about why it is very bad.

It is known that practicing English is one of the best ways to learn to speak English fluently. In other words; if you don’t practice English, you won’t speak English. Or at least, you are not going to speak English fluently!
Imagine someone who wants to speak English fluently but never practices English. Do you think he will improve? Do you think he is going to achieve his goal? I think it is impossible!
Being afraid of making mistakes will reduce your opportunities of practicing English! I remember about eight years ago when I went to Turkey, I was with one of my friends. He was also an English learner. We found many people speaking English there. Some are native English speakers (from California…) and others were speaking English as a second language.
I was seeking opportunities to practice my English. But my friend was afraid to make mistakes and shy. I spoke with some people from California and they told me my English is very good!
My friend wanted to join the conversation, but he had a big fear of making mistakes! He couldn’t speak in English!
He was surprised! He studied English as long as I did, but he was not able to speak English fluently!
I told him that you should not be shy, and you should practice your English and never be afraid of making mistakes! that was and is my key to learn English!
If you understood that fear of making mistakes is bad, and you understood what causes you to be afraid of making mistakes, in the next article we are going to talk about how to avoid the fear of making mistakes.
Do you think you are afraid of making mistakes? Are you a shy person? Tell us a little bit about you!

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