HAVE, HAS, HAD – English Grammar Basics In Urdu

HAVE, HAS, HAD – English Grammar Basics – Difference Between Have, Has and had In Urdu – When to Use HAS, HAVE AND HAD

In this lesson we’re going to discuss where to use have, has and had. This is a very popular question among a lot of English learners. Now before we get into the rules, remember that the verb have is the base form. That means that has, and had are not different verbs, they’re all just different forms of the same verb which is have.


So we’re going to call this the base form.


This verb is used in two ways. First, it’s used to show possession.

This means that it shows that you have something.

For example

I have a car (it means that I own a car).

I have two sentences

you can say She has two sisters.

(That, of course, does not mean that she owns her sisters.)


Now have can also be used as a helping verb Here


If you look at this sentence over here

I have finished my homework. ( present perfect tense.)

You have finished your work  ( present perfect tense.)

I have been teaching English for five years ( present perfert conti)


In this sentence have is not showing that someone has something, that’s not the function. In this sentence the main verb is finished that’s the main verb. Have is helping this verb.


 one is to show possession and two as a helping verb 


let’s talk about where to use have, has and had.


Let’s first look at the present tense. If you have a sentence in the present tense and if the subject is I, you, we, they or any plural noun, then you will use the base form – that is have. So in a sentence,

Have as a verb In present tense.

Tariq and Marium have a beautiful house.

Tariq and Salman have a car

I have a car.

You have a car.

They have a car

I have one brother

They have two sisters

I have a fever

You have a flu

Has as a verb

Tariq has a beautiful house

Kiran has a car

He has a car

She has a car

Tariq has two brothers

Kiran has three sisters

He has a flu

She has a fever


Have As a helping verb In Present perfect tense


We have had breakfast (we have eaten breakfast)

They have gone to school

You have got an email

I have written a letter

Tariq and Emran have taught English for six years.


Has as a helping verb in present perfect tense


He has taught English for six years.

She has written a letter

Tariq has been a teacher for six years

He has gone to school


Had as a verb in past

She had a car That means she does not have a car now –

You had a car

We had a car

They had a car

Tariq had a car

Tariq and sulemen had a car

I had a car


Had  a helping verb in past perfect

He had written a letter

You had had a coffee

He had had a breakfast

We had driven a car

Request from shahbaz (old student)

100,000 one hundred thousand/1 lakh /1 lac /

1,000,000 one million  / one thousand thousands/ 10 lac / 10 lakh

10,000,000  Ten million / 1 crore /


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