Beautiful Heart Touching Poem About Life Struggles

Heart Touching Poem About Life Struggles



Poem About LIFE Written By Rumaisa Shaukat, Karachi

Let’s have a look at what is life

Sometimes soft as silk, sometimes sharp as a knife

Life is a blessing as well as a prison

And for this opinion, I have a lot of reasons

Standing all alone facing the harsh time

But surrounded by people during your good season

Sometimes you get what you never predict

And sometimes you don’t achieve what you strongly expect

Life is really beautiful, no one can deny

But it is cruel as well, you’ll know this when you’ll cry

The world is full of ugly people hidden under pretty faces

Different kinds of beasts in all kinds of human races

Some hearts filled with peace and some with frustration

Truly, life is a maze without a solution

There are some people around us calling themselves a friend

But a very few of them stays with us until the very end

The rules of this world are really strange

Every one thirsty for blood and revenge

A new challenge waiting, as you move ahead

One single mistake buddy and you are dead!

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