Helping People To Learn English

Helping People To Learn English


Complete Speaking Course 01

Five Phrases For Promises And Resolutions


07 ways to say that you are tired


Five Phrases For Talking And Speaking About Rain


8 Phrases For Cold Weather


Eight Phrases For Hot Weather


5 Ways to Check if the Other Person Understands You


10 Phrases You Will Hear At The Airport.


10 Phrases for Talking About TV


10 Phrases for Talking about Food


10 English Phrases for Shopping 


07 Expressions About Age


5 ways to ask for help


5 Ways to Ask Someone Else to Do Something


5 Phrases for Complaining In English With Urdu Translation


5 Ways to Ask for Clarification In English With Urdu Explanation


5 Ways to Interrupt Someone Politely in English


10 Phrases for Remembering, Reminding, & Forgetting 


10 Phrases for Saying Something is Easy & Difficult In English ! Urdu


10 Ways to Talk About Price In English! Urdu


10 Ways to Encourage Someone In English With Urdu Translation


Funny Conversation Starters With A Girl


English Speaking Course 02 – (Basic Sentences)


Islamic Vocabulary With Sentences In English


Ramadan Islamic Vocabulary With Sentences


Useful Basic English Sentences In Urdu Lesson Ninety-Eight


Frequently Used Sentence In English Lesson Ninety seven


Learn English Using Most Common English Expressions


Good Manners in English – Free English Speaking Course


Most Common And Easy Spoken English Sentences For Daily Use


33 Basic English Words With Sentences For Kids


Accidents and Injuries vocabulary – Learn English Phrases


10 English Phrases for Cheering Someone Up


Spoken English Sentences Everyday – Learn English Phrases


Easy English Sentences For Kids In Urdu


Three-Word English Sentences In Urdu Lesson 88


English Phrases for Meetings – meeting ملاقات Sentences In Urdu


10 Sentences of Communication – LearnEnglishUrdu


10 English Sentences With Urdu Translation


Regular | Daily | Common used English sentences in Urdu


20 Sentences using Days of the week in English ! Urdu


Short Condolence MSG! recovery wishes! Safe Trip Messages


Impress कर देने वाली English सीखों – Short English Phrases


18 The Most Important WH Words Vocabulary With Sentences


आम बोलचाल के 22 Daily Use English Sentence


Spoken English Funny Questions Answers and Conversation


Low-Level English for You Difficult Sentences of Daily Use


32 Sentences To Speak English in Urdu Daily Part 76


17 Most Important Sentences to Speak English In Urdu


15 Useful English Sentences ! Phrases For Fluency


Improve Spoken English Through Basic Sentences


Learn English Speaking Through Urdu Sentences


Lesson 71 English Speaking Course In Urdu


Lesson Seventy Basic Common Phrases In Urdu


Learn English Language Lesson Sixty Nine


Learning English Language In Urdu For Free


Spoken English Course For Beginners Lesson 67


Learn to Speak English from Urdu – Lesson 66


How to speak English – Short English Sentences In Daily Life


Free Spoken English Course Online In 100 Days – Day 64


English Sentences In Urdu For Daily Use Day 63


Talk in English in 100 Days – Day 62


Online English Speaking Course In Urdu Day 61


English Language Speaking Course in 100 Days


Basic Common Sentences – Learn English Through Urdu


How to Speak English Easily – English Basic Lesson For Kids


Learn English Through Picture ~ Lesson for kids


Lesson Fifty-Six 56 English Common Sentences In Urdu By Tariq


Effective Daily Sentences Use in Spoken English


Spoken English course in Urdu – English learning Online


English To Urdu Sentences With Their Meaning For Daily Use


Learn English Speaking Online – Learn to Talk In English


Learn English Online For Free In Urdu Lesson Fifty One


Basic English Translation Sentences In Urdu


How To Use State Verb In Basic Sentences


Family Members and Relatives in English ! Urdu


The 51 strangest Sentences In English language


Three words to express feelings In English by Tariq Aziz


Easy Sentence in English lesson forty five


Lesson 44 English Sentences With Urdu Meaning


lesson 43 Simple WH Questions In Urdu


13 WH Question words In English – Basic English WH Questions


Lesson forty one We Use ‘Can’ To Talk About Possibility


21 Basic English Phrases You’ll Use Over and Over


Useful English phrases -Basic English Speaking Lesson 39


Spoken English Sentences for everyday Lesson 38


Learning Basic Phrases to speak English fluently


Useful English phrases with sentences In Urdu Lesson 36


Learn Basic English Phrases And Sentences In Urdu Lesson 35


Having A Conversation to Improve your English speaking skills


Free Basic English Speaking Course In Urdu Lesson 33


Free Basic English Learning Course Lesson 32


Basic English Language Video Class Thirty One


Lesson 30 Present Simple Sentences In Urdu


Lesson 29 Basic Sentences In Urdu


Lesson 28 Urdu to English Sentences


Lesson 27 Learn English Through Sentences In Urdu


English To Urdu Translation Lesson 26


Lesson 25 Urdu To English Translation


Simple and Easy English Sentences In Urdu ! Hindi


Basic English To Urdu Sentences For beginners


Are You Ready To Learn English Basic Sentences


20 Basic English Phrases With Urdu Meaning


English To Urdu Conversation Sentences


Lesson 18 Basic English Sentences With Vocabulary In Urdu! Hindi


15 English Sentences For Everyday Speaking


13 useful Sentences and Q/A for daily use


lesson 15 Urdu to English Sentences of Daily Use


14 Common English Sentences With Urdu Translation


Lesson thirteen English Useful Sentences in Urdu! Hindi


Lesson 12 Story of the week ~Think about this


Lesson 11 English Short Sentences in Urdu & Hindi


10 The Most Common English Sentences In Urdu ! Hindi


English Short Sad Poem With Vocabulary  In Urdu ! Hindi


Short English Poem on love ! Learn English Through Poem In Urdu!Hindi


Common English Sentences in Urdu ! Hindi ~ Lesson Seven


Let’s Learn English Through Sentences! Lesson six English sentences for beginners


Basic English Sentences for beginners Lesson five


Lesson Four Unique Sentences For Beginners in Urdu ! Hindi


Basic English Sentences Lesson Three ! Learn English Through Sentences


Most common English phrases used in daily life


Learn Basic English Sentences Used In Daily Life


English Stories In Urdu

Mr. Clever Pat Short Story In Urdu


Brakes Fail Short English Story In Urdu


Benevolent Jumbo Courage Story In Urdu


A Lion And Rabbit Short Story In Urdu


Mini Story Speaking Practice 


A Fox And A Crow Short Story In Urdu


Short Story The Crazy Artist


Story Princess Rose and the Creature


Story The Best Prince


Moral Story The Starfish In Urdu


Story For Daily Routine 


Mini Story With English Speaking Practice 


Story The Friendly Ghost In Urdu Translation


The Report English Short Story


The Laboratory Story In Urdu


Sad Love Story & Poetry My unfulfilled love In Urdu 


Girl on a Motorcycle By John Escott


Learn From Mistakes ~ Thomas Edison Light Bulb


Moral Story Don’t Change The World In Urdu Translation


The Travelers And The Plane Tree In Urdu


John Escott Audio Book ‘A Pretty Face’ With Urdu Translation


Sally’s Phone by Christiane Lindop


Robinson Crusoe by Daniel


Red Roses by Christine Lindop 


The Girl with Red Hair By Christine Lindop


Rich Man Poor Man English Short Story In Urdu & Hindi


The Beauty and the Beast Elementary Level In Urdu ! Hindi


The Lady, or the Tiger? by Frank Stockton ~ English Story In Urdu


An Elephant Funny Story


Islamic Short English Story In Urdu & Hindi


Inspirational Short Story ‘The doll’ By Gallico Paul


‘She Was Fat’ By Sawaira


Sleeping Beauty & Her Best Friend Written By Tariq


Love Is Like A Wind ! True Love Story Written By Tariq


The Stranger by Norman Whitney In Urdu ! Hindi


Your Story In English ! Urdu


Shame On You Father True Story In English ! Urdu


You Are Driving Me Crazy


Policeman Vs Lady  Funny Story


Story Is It Illegal To Argue


The Ugliest Man With English To Urdu Translation


Basic Short Story In Urdu



Grammar Section



Parts Of Speech In Urdu 


Tenses In Urdu



Quotes Or Saying ~ Golden words


Top 8 Quotes For Teachers and Being Happy Quotes


A New Year Wishes, Greetings, Sms, Quotes and Sayings


15 Beautiful Quotes In English With Urdu Translation


Quotes or Golden words for Muharram Ashura


25 Best Quotes Of The Day – Learn English Through Quotes


Eid ul-Fitr 2018 Wishes, Greetings And Sms


5 Inspirational and beautiful quote about love


7 Islamic Status Quotes for Ramadan In English! Urdu


47 Inspirational Quotes that changed your life


11 Quotes Your Soul Will Love The world needs it


Poem and Poetry Section


When I born I Black Poem by an African Child


Beautiful Heart Touching Poem About Life Struggles


Poetry About The Exam Day By Nargis ~ Fear Of Exams Phobia


I’ve NEVER FALLEN IN LOVE WITH A GUY By Syeda Yumna Batool Zaidi


Whenever By Muniza! Heart Touching Lines


The Most Beautiful Lines For Loved One~Intense Lover


For My Lovely Sister~Dying Sweeties By Ahmed Malik


Deeply Express Love In Words~ I Promise You By Rabia Ahmed


Broken Heart By Hira Kanwal~Heart Touching Lines


Deeds By: Hareem, Gujranwala ~ Heart Touching Lines English With Urdu Translation


Tariq! You are Muslim By Name In English Urdu


Na tera khuda koi aur hai Lyrics Urdu With English Translation


 Khuda hum ko aisi khudai na de by Masood Khan In English Translation


Wohi Khuda Hai Lyric Translation In Urdu English


When I learned to write by Nasir Kazmi In Urdu English Translation


Your Mother’s Love – Best Poem For Mother’s Love


Pakistan Independence Day


Someone Somewhere Is Not As Happy As You – Best Poem


short English Poem In Urdu for kids


My Dream – Lines from My Dairy Written By tariq


You either hate me or leave me – Poem Written By Tariq


Enough mom. I got tired! Maaa main thak gaya Punjabi Poem In English


3 Thank You Poems To Parents – Poetry for Parents from kids


English Short Sad Poem With Vocabulary  In Urdu! Hindi


Short English Poem on love


Articles / Essays


How To Reduce The Number Of Car Accidents


Compare Life Today With Life 50 Years Ago


Banning Of Smoking In All Public Places


Learn From Mistakes ~ Thomas Edison Light Bulb


In love Marriage or Arranged Marriage Which Circumstances Make Them Separated


How To Praise Your Wife


Speech and Song On 14th August Pakistan Independence Day


Is it allowed to have a girlfriend or boyfriend in Islam?