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Hello and welcome again to Learn English Urdu this story is written by Nadir and All Credit goes to him. In today’s post, I am going to talk a little bit about my story and my experience on how I learned to speak English and became a fluent speaker.
This started about eleven years ago when I began studying English at school. As it is a new language for me, I was so excited to learn more, in other words: “I loved it so much”.
The school courses were not sufficient for me, whenever I got back home I studied more and more, I tried to learn new words, I was listening to tapes and CDs, I was very interested that I spent all my time studying English.
After few years of studying English, I noticed that I couldn’t understand real conversations. For example, if I watched a movie or listened to a conversation in English, I couldn’t understand it.
Also when I tried to speak, I found that I took a long time thinking about the vocabulary and the grammar rules especially the past tense!
That’s when I started to think about the methods I used to learn English, I took a closer look and I found that it was useless and would never get me to English fluency.
Then, I did big research about the best methods to learn to speak English fluently. This research has taken me many years when I finally found a powerful method to learn English.

How I Learned To Speak English Well

This method has been collected from many resources. I took the best tips and advantages from all the methods being used and assembled them all to finally get the one and best method that really leads to success.
I have applied this method since I discovered it, I was very patient and I have never stopped learning English using the new method until I became fluent.
Now, I can speak English fluently like native speakers, with clear pronunciation and a good accent. It’s not all: I also have good writing skills in English and I can write high-level formal articles.
I don’t want everyone who wants to learn to speak English fluently to spend a long time looking for the ideal method. It’s really a waste of time! I don’t want them to focus on the method but I want them to focus on improving their skills.
That’s why I created this blog to share the best learning tips with you, to help you succeed faster, to reveal the best method and also to teach you to speak English fluently and easily.
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I hope that this blog will be very helpful for you, and will make you speak English fluently like me or even better. I don’t want you to search more for the best methods because the best method is here for you, all you have to do is to apply it and be a little bit patient until you will finally speak English fluently.
My method is not something you drink, and then you go to sleep and when you wake up in the morning you will find yourself speaking English like a native speaker!
My method is to learn English every day or at least once a week and there are many tips you should use. There are also some things you should never do if you really want to succeed faster.
So, I encourage you to keep visiting my blog to get the latest updates, I will share all the tips for free, that’s why I suggest you subscribe to my feeds to be the first one informed.
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Thank you for reading my story, I hope you will succeed and finally speak English fluently faster than me.
PS: Do you have a story about learning English? Whether it’s a good or bad one, I encourage you to share your story in the comment section. or send here

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I enjoyed nadir’s story, have you enjoyed this journey and do you have a similar story about how I learned to speak English we will be looking forward to reading your story about how you learned to speak English and we will publish your story with your name and location so why are you waiting? just send us now

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