How To Improve Your Vocabulary In 30 Days

how to improve your vocabulary in 30 days
To speak English fluently you need to have some English vocabulary list in your brain. The more vocabulary you know, the more you can speak English easily. But: how to improve English vocabulary effectively in 30 days?
Many English learners memorize word lists in order to learn English vocabulary. They do learn some new words! but at a certain level, they start to struggle. They proclaim that they can’t use the new words they just learned.
After failing, English students understand that memorizing English vocabulary is not beneficial. Yes, you know a lot of English words. But what’s the point if you can’t use a single one?
At this point, English learners start to look for another way to learn English vocabulary. They ask: How to improve English vocabulary faster? How can I use the new words easily?
Learning English smarter is more beneficial than learning longer using a bad method. If you know the right method to learn English and use it, you will succeed and speak English fluently.
How to improve English vocabulary?
There is not only way to improve English vocabulary. Each student should use the method that suits better and he feels comfortable with. It depends on each one’s everyday life. But there are some points proved to be powerful and effective to learn and improve English vocabulary:
Read as much as you can
If there is no input, you won’t improve English vocabulary. If there is only one thing you should do to improve English vocabulary, it would be reading and listening. Whether you read newspapers, books or magazines, it will help you to build rich vocabulary.
Learn more about how to improve English vocabulary with books.
Have an English dictionary
Whenever you don’t understand an English word, use the dictionary to define it. Whether you have a physical dictionary or an electronic one, it can help you to improve English vocabulary.
Try to understand the new words automatically form the context. If you can’t, it is not a problem to use your dictionary. Don’t forget to focus on the whole phrase, not on the individual words!
Practice using the new words
If you learn a new word and you don’t use it, you will forget it quickly. Try to have the habit of using the new English vocabulary words you just learned and remember: Use it or lose it!
Put the new English vocabulary words in meaningful sentences and use them with your friends. Speak English with your family members and use the new words you just learned.
Learn English with friends
If you have some friends to learn English with, tell them how to improve English vocabulary effectively. Tell your friends that you should practice saying the new words to keep them in your brain forever!
If you already have some friends who are learning English then it’s great! If you don’t already have, you can make some new ones. Convince your friends to learn English. Even one of your family members can be your friend.
If you still can’t find friends to practice English with, there are many online communities where you can practice English. We created a Facebook Group called “Daily English Practice“. I recommend you to join it!
Make learning English funny
If you are learning English in a boring way and asking how to improve English vocabulary, I advise you to change the way you learn English.
Tell English jokes, listen to your friends’ jokes. Laugh whenever it’s possible and play English games. Learn English and have fun simultaneously. Don’t think you are learning English when you learn English!
Set a notebook for English vocabulary
If you are serious about how to improve English vocabulary, I propose you to make a notebook where you write all the new vocabulary you find.
Your notebook can be a paper version or a software on your PC. It can also be a smartphone application. It is very important to save expressions you love or quotes that you find interesting and helpful.
Learn sentences not individual words
When I told you to write new vocabulary in your notebook, I didn’t mean to write words but phrases instead! Whenever you find a new word, write down the whole sentence in your notebook.
When you learn the whole sentence, you don’t only learn the new word. You also learn how to use the word in the right context. When you speak, it’s easy to say the whole sentence instead of thinking about every single word.
More tips: Speaking English fluently using 9 tips.
I hope you know how to improve your vocabulary in 30 days

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