How To Praise Your Wife – You Should Admire Your Wife

How To Praise Your Wife – 3 Reasons Why You Should Love And Admire Your Wife

Kia app bhi pershan hai apni biwi sey toh yeh video pura zarror dheky aur English ko apni behtar banaye

How To Praise Your Wife

Praise Your Wife

You have to say to your wife “i love you” you need to say it again and again

Like we got to the food moments ago. And you need to say, “This food is.. Masha’Allah, it’s really, really great.

Even if the salt is a little bit more. Because sometimes, as I was saying, she spends so much time bringing it in front of us. And we are worried about

01)how it is smelling,

(2)when we taste it, and salt is a little bit more  we say“The salt is too much,


When you say to your wife there is too much salt

Do you ever think about this “What are you talking about?” and you must look at her face she always get upset because she has been at it for 3 hours and  her face flops. Because of your words


She sometimes says  “Next time, I’ll try a little bit better, a bit harder.

That is, if she is a good mode.

If she is angry, she will say, “Never going to cook this again!!


You must praise your wife

How she looks

We need to praise cooking,  dress,

Do you know when I praise to my wife I usually say “ you are looking too good, whenever i see you you look more beautiful”

She replies “you must see a doctor I think your eyes are infected “

She replies “ are you kidding,” i think you are lying”

She replies “are you blind”?

If you see this situation like me i recommend you keep praising your wife and one day she will realize you are not telling a lie

Is it allowed to have a girlfriend or boyfriend in Islam?

The  dress looks much better

You look beautiful in this clothes

You are my princes

You are my love

But please say in your native language dont say in english like me and you will hear “kia kaha” “ samjh nehi ayi”

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