How To Reduce The Number Of Car Accidents

‘How to reduce the number of car accidents’.

There are thousands of car accidents a year which cause serious injuries. Most of these accidents have one of the following causes.

Firstly, the driver is driving too fast.

Or sometimes, the driver is not concentrating

Second cause when i.e. using mobile phone , changing CD or talking with a passenger.

third cause of accidents is when the driver doesn’t obey road signs e.g. he doesn’t stop in traffic lights when the red light is on. Last but not least, badly maintained cars, e.g. bad brakes, may increase the number of road accidents .

There are several ways the government could deal with this problem. Firstly, they could increase the number of traffic police and install more speed cameras. Furthermore, they could demand the drivers for regular checks on their cars and also there should be stricter driving tests.

In my opinion, the best solution would be to impose heavier fines on those who use mobile phones while driving and an awareness campaign should be held by the media that people should not drive in badly maintained cars or when  they are drunk, explaining the consequences of such cases. In addition to that there should be a speed limit especially inside cities and towns.

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