How to Use Should ~ Should Explanation In Urdu

How to Use Should Part One ~ Should Explanation In Urdu & Hindi By Tariq Aziz

We use should + verb 1 st form of the verb to say what is the right or the sensible action to do in a situation. We can also use should to advise sb to do sth.

We should pay attention to our study.

Humhey apni taleem per tawaju deni chahye

Humhey apni parhai per tawaju deni chahye


You should work harder

Tumhey shakts mehant karni chahye


You should try once again.

Tumhey aik bar aur koshish karni chahye


You are ill. You should see/meet your doctor.

Tum bemar ho tumehy doctor ko dhekana chahye


You should be more polite 

Tumhey aur naram hona chahye


She is tired. She should take rest.

woh  thaki hui hai usey aram karna chahye


You should mind your own business.

Tumhey apney kam sey kam rakhna chahye


You should wear helmet during riding bike.

Bike chalatey hue tumhey helmet pehanna chahye


Teacher should scold the students.

Teacher ko chahye ka bacho ko daantey

Teacher ko chahye k students ko daantey



We should offer Namaz five times a day.

Humhey din mein paanch waqt ki namaz parhni chahye


She should come to office in time.

Usey waqt sey pehle office ana chahye


Subject + should + not + verb1st form

Subject + shouldn’t + verb1st form 

We shouldn’t accuse each other for nothing.

Humhey kisi cheaz ka bhi aik dosrey per ilzam nehi lagana chahye

You should not sell these.

Tumhey yeh nehi bhechnna chahye


She should not drive so fast

Usey itni taiz nehi chalani chahye

You should not eat so much

Tumhey ziyda nehi khana chahye

He should not smoke cigarettes 

Usey cigarettes nehi peni chahye



Wicked (adj)


Nothing is permanent in this wicked world – not even our troubles.(Charlie Chaplin)



My dentist says I should not eat so many sweets.

You should keep moving.

He should speak english in class.

She should wear hijab.

They should play cricket in the ground 


Charlie Chaplin/Quotes 

A day without laughter is a day wasted.

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