How To Use Verb be with a noun, with an adjective

We use the Verb be with a noun, with an adjective, with the passive voice, and with a prepositional phrase


The verb be has the following forms:

Present simple:



How To Use Verb “be”
How To Use Verb “be”

I am
He/She/It is

We are
You are
They are


they are teachers.

Wooh teachers haii


My name is mr Crazy

Mera naam crazy hai


This soup is very tasty

Yeh soup bohat lazeez hai


We are at home

Hum gher per hai


You are beautiful   

Tum khoobsort ho


The flowers are on the table.

Phool table per hai

Past simple / 2nd form


I was
He/She/It was

We were
you were
they were


Nawaz sharif was the president of the Pakistan.

Nawaz sharif Pakistan ka president tha


The children were good

Bachey achey they


This car was made in Japan.

Yeh car japan ney banayi thi


The house was built in 1890.

1890 mein gher tamer hua tha




I was born in 1987

Main 1987 mein peda hua tha



The past participle /3rd form



Verb be In Present perfect


has/have been

I /you/we/they have been

He /she / it has been


I have been to Lahore

Main Lahore gaya tha



I have been ill for 2 weeks

main 2 haftey sey bemar ho



Have you ever been scared by a spider?

Kiya app kabhi makhri ko dhek kare darey hai



We have been friends since childhood

hum dost hai bachpan sey


He has been with me everywhere i have gone

Wooh mere saath har jaga raha jaha bhi mein gaya



Learn How to use the verb “be” in Past perfect:


had been

I/we/you/they/he/she  has been


I had been sick

main bemar tha



Be verb in future simple tense


I will be there

Main waha per ho ga



You will be happy   

Tum khush raho ga


modal verbs


you should be here

tumhey yaha hona chahye


He may be at home

wooh sayad gher per ho

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