I understand English but I can’t answer!

Mostly students say this I understand English but I can’t answer!  today we are going to talk about this topic
One of the most common problems English students usually face is that they can understand English but they can’t answer. In fact their problem is that they don’t know how to think in English.
I always say that the reason number one is the methods you used to learn English, I t can influence the results you’ll have. If the method you used to learn English is bad, than the results you’ll get will be bad !\
If you understand English, think in English
If you understand English or at least you can understand most of the conversation, it’s great ! But if you can’t answer or you take a long time to answer, honestly : It’s bad !
The reason why you can’t answer directly is because you can’t think in English. You always want to translate what you listen to your own language than think about the answer in your own language, and than translate from your language to English. After that, you tell the answer in English !
Yes, the answer is correct ! Congratulations !! But unfortunately, it doesn’t work like this !
No one has time to wait for your answer
In a real conversation, you should answer directly because no one will wait for you. This can’t be done unless you understand English and think in English !
When I first started to learn English at school, the methods were really bad ! Our teacher used to translate everything for us to our own language ! I made too much time whenever I want to speak because I can’t think directly in English.
Since I stopped studying English at school and I followed the real method to learn English, my English has improved and it is still improving even now.
Don’t translate to start thinking in English
Translation is bad ! Yes you will learn the meaning of the word or the phrase, but it makes you think in your own language not in English. Maybe you will learn to understand English, but you will never think in English and you will never answer in English !
Always learn the habit to not translate from English to your language or from your language to English. Learn to think directly in English, and answer directly in English without going to your language.
At schools, most teachers teach their students to translate. Maybe the first book they ask them to buy is a bilingual dictionary (translation dictionary)
Thinking in English takes time
If you think that thinking in English is a skill that you can learn in a week, you’re completely wrong !
Thinking in English is a habit that worth practicing and trying. Actually, it’s the best habit an English learner can learn in order to speak English fluently.
If you can think in English, you will speak effortlessly and quickly. You will finally speak English fluently !
Don’t forget that confidence helps you to improve your spoken English. Don’t be shy and feel comfortable.
It’s up to you now, tell us why you can’t answer even if you understand (Don’t be shy and try to answer right now !)
have you enjoy today’s topic “I understand English but I can’t answer!

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