How to Improve English Pronunciation and Fluency

today we are going to discuss “How to improve English pronunciation and fluency?”In English, pronunciation is very important because if you have a bad English pronunciation you won’t be understood by your listeners.
If you improve English pronunciation, it will be a great step in your English learning career and you will be happier.
Many people confuse pronunciation with accent; they usually think they are both the same.
Pronunciation is the way you pronounce words and letters. If you don’t pronounce words correctly or if you can’t say some English letters, than you have
a pronunciation problem.
Accent is more about the speech pattern and the way you use your intonation when speaking English. It is usually related to the region a native speaker belongs to.
If you don’t have a native accent, don’t worry because no one will laugh at you. The most important thing is to be understood when you speak English. But if you have a pronunciation problem, nobody will understand you and this is considered as a serious problem!
If you hear it wrong you will pronounce it wrong:
Improve English pronunciation Whenever you hear a new word, try to check the correct pronunciation for this word. If you learn it wrong from the beginning, you will pronounce it wrong and those mistakes will stick to you. It will be difficult in the future to detect these mistakes or to correct them.
If you have a bad teacher who doesn’t pronounce English words correctly, don’t expect to have a good pronunciation because English students usually copy their teachers and if your teacher is bad, you will be bad too!
Choose a good teacher;
if your teacher can be a native English speaker, it’s cool! If you can’t find a native English speaker as a teacher, try to choose a near native speaker with a clear pronunciation. Choose someone who doesn’t make grammar mistakes and has great speech manners.
You don’t need to speak perfectly Improve English pronunciation without perfection
If you focus on perfection when you try to speak English, maybe you will not speak at all. Whenever you try to speak English, you’ll try to check if your pronunciation is correct or not. Even if you speak it correctly sometimes, the words will take a lot of time to come out of your mouth.
It is better to learn to speak English effortlessly or at least with less effort. You need to speak instantly, automatically and without thinking. In short, English learners who focus more on perfection usually fail and they end not speaking English at all. Try to be more confident

Improve English pronunciation with confidence

Whenever you speak English try to be more confident. I believe that psychology and emotions are very important to improve your English speaking skills which means to improve English pronunciation.
If you feel comfortable, you are more likely to speak English better and to pronounce English better. Sometimes, if you speak each single word in English you pronounce it correctly but when it comes to a real conversation, you can’t pronounce those same words correctly because you are scared, shy or just uncomfortable.
Before starting a conversation in English, try to focus a little bit on your emotions, try to be confident and I think you will win the conversation.
Focus on the ideas not on language structure
When you speak English, don’t think you are speaking a new language, don’t think you are a beginner, just speak and focus on the ideas your speaking. Speak like if you are speaking your own language.
If you want to improve English pronunciation don’t think about your pronunciation. Don’t think about the words you pronounce. Think only about the ideas you’re saying.
I know this is a little bit difficult in the beginning. But once you learn this habit, your spoken English will be better and you will improve English pronunciation faster!
Improve English pronunciation by being a great listener
Most English learners love to practice speaking English. This is a great thing, but you should never forget to listen. If you don’t listen to English conversations, you will never speak English correctly.
But being a great listener means that you should not precipitate to speak. Focus on listening to the person you are talking to. If you are a great listener, people will think you are a great speaker too. If you show interest, people will be interested in you.
Those were just some simple tips on how to improve English pronunciation. However there are many other tips to learn English or to become fluent in English. We’ll talk about more tips in the next articles.
But now, I want you to share what you think about those tips. Were they helpful? Do you think those tips will help you to improve English pronunciation? I just want to know your opinion!

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