Having A Conversation to Improve your English speaking skills

Let’s Learn English With Tariq Aziz Lesson Thirty-four Having A Conversation to Improve your English speaking skills

Having A Conversation Lesson Thirty Three English-Sentences

If you want somebody to repeat what they said.

Sorry? / pardon ? Mazrat dobra boley majhey samjh nehi aya
Could you repeat it? Kiya app dobra sakte hai
I did not quite catch it. Main samjha nehi zara dobra bataye

If you wanna cheek that somebody understand Or agrees with you.

Do you know what I mean? Kiya tum samjhe mera matlab kiya kaha

Saying goodbye

For every day we say

See you / see you soon Milte hai / jald milte hai
See you tomorrow Kal milte hai
To one whom you will not see soon Jab kisi se jaldi na milna ho
See you some time Milte hai kisi waqt
See you around Chaloo mile gai

before saying goodbye

I had better be going (informal) Mere liye bethter hai main jao
I must go (British) Main lazman jana hai
I had better be off (British in formal) Majhey ab lazman chalna chahye
I am afraid I have to leave now (informal) Majhey der ho rahi hai majhey chalna chahye


Asking for advice.

What do you think I should do? Tumhra kiya khayal hai majhey kiya karna chahye
Can I ask your advice/opinion about something Kiya app se kio raye le sakta kisi cheaz k liye
Do you think I should do…? Kiya tum sochte ho majhey karna chahye

do you like this lesson?

Happiness can’t be found, When you seek it for your self

But when you give it to others It will find its way back to you The that mystery of happiness.

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