Is It + Noun? ~ Learn English Like a Child – English Urdu

Is It + Noun? ~ Learn English Like a Child

  1. Is it a cat?
  2. No, isn’t a cat.
  3. Is it a bag?
  4. No, isn’t a bag.
  5. Is it a pen?
  6. No, isn’t a pen.
  7. Is it a house?
  8. No, isn’t a house.
  9. Is it a notebook?
  10. No, isn’t a book.
  11. Is it a watch?
  12. No, isn’t a watch.
  13. Is it a laptop?
  14. No, isn’t a laptop.
  15. Is it a smartphone?
  16. No, isn’t a smartphone.
  17. Is it a chair?
  18. No, isn’t a chair.
  19. Is it a table?
  20. No, isn’t a table.
  21. Is it a box?
  22. No, isn’t a box.
  23. Is it a curtain?
  24. No, isn’t a curtain.
  25. Is it a bottle?
  26. No, isn’t a bottle.
  27. Is it a cap?
  28. No, isn’t a cap.
  29. Is it a frame?
  30. No, isn’t a frame.
  31. Is it a fan?
  32. No, isn’t a fan.
  33. Is it a biscuit?
  34. No, isn’t a biscuit.
  35. Is it a diaper?
  36. No, isn’t a diaper.
  37. Is it a glass?
  38. No, isn’t a glass.
  39. Is it a sticker?
  40. No, isn’t a sticker.
  41. Is it meat?
  42. No, isn’t meat.
  43. Is it a computer?
  44. No, isn’t a computer.
  45. Is it a tablet?
  46. No, isn’t a tablet.
  47. Is it an engagement ring?
  48. No, isn’t an engagement ring.
  49. Is it sunglasses?
  50. No, isn’t sunglasses.

Top 25 Visual Vocabulary – Learn English Through Vocabulary

Is it a pen?
Yes, it is a pen.
Is it a cup?
Yes, it is a cup.
Is it a mobile?
Yes, it is a mobile.
Is it a fan?
Yes, it is a fan.
Is it a window?
Yes, it is a window.
Is it a bag?
Yes, it is a bag.
Is it a computer?
Yes, it is a computer.
Is it a cable wire?
Yes, it is a cable wire.
Is it a house?
Yes, it is a house.
Is it a wall?
Yes, it is a wall.
Is it a table?
Yes, it is a table.
Is it a notebook?
Yes, it is a notebook.
Is it a glass?
Yes, it is a glass.
Is it a car?
Yes, it is a car.
Is it a bus?
Yes, it is a bus.
Is it a shopper?
Yes, it is a shopper.
Is it a keyboard?
Yes, it is a keyboard?
Is it remote?
Yes, it is remote.
Is it television?
Yes, it is a television.
Is it a bird?
Yes, it is a bird.
Is it a dog?
Yes, it is a dog.
Is it a cup of tea?
Yes, it is a cup of tea.
Is it a cup of coffee?
Yes, it is a cup of coffee.
Is it a pair of shoes?
Yes, it is a pair of shoes.

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