Islamic Vocabulary With Sentences In English

Ramadan Islamic Vocabulary With Sentences In English With Urdu Part two

Lesson #100

Ramadan Islamic Vocabulary

It’s Iftar time now

Iftar ka time ho gaya hai

Roza khulney ka waqt ho gaya hai


It’s time to open fast

Roza khul gaya

Rozay ka khulney ka time ho gaya


Let’s break our fast

Chaloo aftri kartey hai

Chaloo roza khultey hai


It’s sehri time now

Abi Sehri ka waqt hai


It’s time to pre-dawn meal

Yeh sehari ka waqt hai


We are going to have pre dawn meal

Hum sehari karney lagey hai


Have you taken pre-dawn meal?

Kiya app ney sehari karli


How many fasts have you observed?

App ney kitney rozey rakhey

Did you observe fast yesterday?

Kiya kal app ney roza rakha tha

Get up, the time is ticking away

Utho waqt nikal raha hai

Utho waqt khatam ho raha hai

Kindly bring aftari package while going to market

Bazaar jatey hue afari ka saman bhi letey ana

What is to cook in aftari for today

Ajj aftari mein kiya ban raha hai

Ajj afrari k liye kiya pakana hai

I break my fast

Main apna roza khulta ho



pre-dawn meal = sehari


We are having pre dawn meal

Hum sehari kar rahe hai


Golden words

one beautiful heart is better than a thousand beautiful faces


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