Learn English Online For Free In Urdu Lesson Fifty One

Lesson Fifty One Learn English Online For Free In Urdu 

I get ill.

main bemar hota ho

I don’t get ill.

Do I get ill?

Don’t I get ill?


We get ready.

hum tayar hotey hai

We don’t get ready.

Do we get ready?

Don’t we get ready?


She gets late.

usey deer hoti hai

She doesn’t get late.

Does she get late?

Doesn’t she get late?


The cake gets fresh.

cake tazey hotey hai

The cake doesn’t get fresh.

Does the cake get fresh?

Doesn’t the cake get fresh?


Water gets cold.

pani thanda hota hai

Water doesn’t get cold.

Does water get cold?

Doesn’t water get cold?

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Food gets stale.

khaana baasi hota hai

Food doesn’t get stale.

Does food get stale?

Doesn’t food get stale?


Child gets stubborn.

bacha ziddi hai

Child doesn’t get stubborn.

Does child get stubborn?

Doesn’t child get stubborn?


She gets suspicious.

usey shak hota hai

She doesn’t get suspicious.

Does she get suspicious?

Doesn’t she get suspicious?


Sarah gets cheeky.

sarah chirchiry hoti hai

Sarah doesn’t get cheeky.

Does Sarah get cheeky?

Doesn’t Sarah get cheeky?


They get amazed.

wooh haran hotey hai

They don’t get amazed.

Do they get amazed?

Don’t they get amazed?


Chair gets broken.

kursi tootti hai

Chair doesn’t get broken.

Does chair get broken?

Doesn’t chair get broken?


Shops get closed.

dokanien band hoti hai

Shops don’t get closed.

Do shops get closed?

Don’t shops get closed?


I get disturbed.

main pershan hota ho

I don’t get disturbed.

Do I get disturbed?

Don’t I get disturbed?


We get embarrassed.

hum sharminda hotey hai

We don’t get embarrassed.

Do we get embarrassed?

Don’t we get embarrassed?


Water gets frozen.

pani thanda hota hai

Water doesn’t get frozen.

Does water get frozen?

Doesn’t water get frozen?


Keys get lost.

cabiya kho jati hai

Keys don’t get lost.

Do keys get lost?

Don’t’ keys get lost?


My brother gets frightened.

mera bhai dar jata hai

My brother doesn’t get frightened.

Does my brother get frightened?

Doesn’t my brother get frightened?


My parents get satisfied.

mere walidean mutmain hai

My parents don’t get satisfied.

Do my parents get satisfied?

Don’t my parents get satisfied?


The car gets sold.

ghari bhik jati hai

The car doesn’t get sold.

Does the car get sold?

Doesn’t the car get sold?


We get stuck.

hum atack jatey hai/phas jatey hai

We don’t get stuck.

Do we get stuck?

Don’t we get stuck?


The sleeve gets torn.

The sleeve doesn’t get torn.

Does the sleeve get torn?

Doesn’t the sleeve get torn?


My students get confused.

My students don’t get confused.

Do my students get confused?

Don’t my students get confused?


You get annoyed.

You don’t get annoyed.

Do you get annoyed?

Don’t you get annoyed?


You get scatty.

You don’t get scatty.

Do you get scatty?

Don’t you get scatty?


My grandmother gets peevish.

My grandmother doesn’t get peevish.

Does my grandmother get peevish?

Doesn’t my grandmother get peevish?


He gets stingy.

He doesn’t get stingy.

Does he get stingy?

Doesn’t he get stingy?


Peter gets extravagant.

Peter doesn’t get extravagant.

Does Peter get extravagant?

Doesn’t Peter get extravagant?


The patient gets unconscious.

The patient doesn’t get unconscious.

Does patient get unconscious?

Doesn’t patient get unconscious?


We get compelled.

We don’t get compelled.

Do we get compelled?

Don’t we get compelled?


You get jealous.

You don’t get jealous.

Do you get jealous?

Don’t you get jealous?


Kids get naughty.

Kids don’t get naughty.

Do kids get naughty?

Don’t kids get naughty?


I get restless.

I don’t get restless.

Do I get restless?

Don’t I get restless?


My mother gets cross with me.

My mother doesn’t get cross with me.

Does my mother get cross with me?

Does my mother get cross with me?


Water gets cold.

Water doesn’t get cold.

Does water get cold?

Doesn’t water get cold?


Tea gets hot.

Tea doesn’t get hot.

Does tea get hot?

Doesn’t tea get hot?


Water gets lukewarm.

Water doesn’t get lukewarm.

Does water get lukewarm?

Doesn’t water get lukewarm?


My friend gets gloomy.

My friend doesn’t get gloomy.

Does my friend get gloomy?

Doesn’t my friend get gloomy?


They get calm.

They don’t get calm.

Do they get calm?

Don’t they get calm?


Ali gets careful.

Ali doesn’t get careful.

Does Ali get careful?

Doesn’t Ali get careful?


I get enthusiastic.

I don’t get enthusiastic.

Do I get enthusiastic?

Don’t I get enthusiastic?


Petrol gets cheap.

Petrol doesn’t get cheap.

Does petrol get cheap?

Doesn’t petrol get cheap?


She gets mature.

She doesn’t get mature.

Does she get mature?

Doesn’t she get mature?


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He gets nervous.

He doesn’t get nervous.

Does he get nervous?

Doesn’t he get nervous?


We get fed up.

We don’t get fed up.

Do we get fed up?

Don’t we get fed up?


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