How To Learn English Vocabulary Easily

how to learn English vocabulary easily, There are seven ways to learn vocabulary in English
I was a little bit curious about the different methods English learners are using to learn English vocabulary and all of the sudden I found an article talking about a way to learn vocabulary faster.
First, the author of the article gave a list of 20 English words and asked the learner to memorize them shallowly. Then, the learner should take a brake, try to remember the new words he just memorized and he sees how many words can he remember correctly.
The author then told a method to help learners to memorize all off the 20 English words easily and effectively.
Though this method really helps English learners to memorize word lists easily but what it doesn’t do is to help them learn English vocabulary easily. Maybe the student can tell you the meaning of a word if you ask him but he won’t initially use these new English words which let us say that memorizing word lists is completely useless if you want to learn to speak English fluently !
Here are 7 reasons why you should never memorize word lists if you want to learn English vocabulary or if you want to speak English fluently like native speakers :
1- Memorizing word lists is boring :
Learning a new language is funny but only if you know how to learn. Science has shown that if you learn in a funny way, you’ll get remarkable results. Try to learn English without thinking that you are learning English and I am sure that you will improve faster and you will never get bored, in fact, you’ll enjoy studying English !
The number one reason why English learners don’t learn to speak English fluently is because they don’t go up to the end, they quit immediately. The reason why they quit at the beginning could be due to the boring methods they are using in order to learn English. If you don’t want to quit, don’t use boring methods: don’t memorize English vocabulary !
2- It makes you translate:
Research has proven that translating from/to your own language does not give good results. While learning English, you have to consider translating as “a bad habit” you should avoid. Yes you can learn new words and their meanings when you translate but you won’t be able to use them when you are in a real English conversation. If you can’t avoid translating from English to your own language, at least try to minimize the number of times you do it !
Don’t forget to keep in your mind that the reverse translation (from your language to English) should not be done at all !! In fact, it’s the worst habit that an English learner can do ! Please don’t do it if you want to speak English fluently !
When you memorize word lists, you will let this bad habit stick to you. If you understood that translating is really bad and can influence negatively on your English learning success, all you have to do is to avoid memorizing word lists.
3- It makes you think
If you learn English vocabulary by memorizing word lists, you will think more than you speak. Whenever you try to speak English, you will start to think about the new words you just learned, the lists in your notebook… This will slow you down because you don’t use the words you learned instantly. You need to speak English without thinking just like native speakers. In a real conversation you don’t have time to think, the words should come of your mouth instantly !
4- It is not natural
All the natural methods to learn to speak English fluently are encouraged because they are really effective ! Did you see a native speaker trying to memorize word lists ? You need to learn English naturally like native speakers, or exactly: like children.
Children are the best learners because their method to learn to speak English is natural ! you should copy children if you want to speak English fluently. Avoid all the sophisticated methods because they are not natural and they are not effective.
5- Learn phrases not words
You know very well that a single word can have different meanings in different contexts ! If you learn English vocabulary by just memorizing word lists, you will know only one meaning of the word but not all. You can make mistakes if you use the wrong word in the wrong context and people will laugh at you !
Here comes the effectiveness of learning phrases not words, because if you learn the whole phrase, you are sure the phrase is correct and it is in the right context. To learn English vocabulary, focus on phrases NOT on individual words.
6- You memorize words you may never use
Sometimes when you memorize English vocabulary, you learn rarely used words before learning common words. You should start by learning everyday vocabulary and the most used expressions in English. You can’t learn common words unless you come across them in context more than once NOT by memorizing them in a list !
In fact, the most important words are the most used words because if you hear them a lot, that means they are important. Don’t make your brain tired by memorizing words you won’t even use !
7- You won’t keep them in your mind for long
If you come across a word while memorizing a list of English vocabulary, you will memorize it but usually you won’t be able to remember it after a long time. For example if you spend a month or more and than come back to the words you learned, I don’t think that you will know them, maybe you’ll think that you are seeing them for the first time !
That’s why Learning deeply is so important when it comes to learning English vocabulary. You should learn phrases through a natural English conversation that you repeat more than you think to keep the new learned words in your mind for long.
To learn English vocabulary :
You should not memorize word lists ! The best way to learn English vocabulary is to come across them in context when reading, in conversations when speaking or listening… The learning process should be natural and with a lot of repetitions to make new words stuck in your mind.
now you have understood how to learn English vocabulary easily
Now : If you tried to learn English vocabulary, whether you succeeded or failed, please share your experience in the comments. Tell your own story how do you learn English vocabulary !

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