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Today topic is How to learn English with quotes Many students who learn to speak English fail because they don’t go up to the end. The main reason why they quit learning English is because of the methods they use, they are boring !
An English learner can continue learning if he finds a funny way to learn English. Today we are going to talk about learning English with quotes.
What are quotes ?
What are quotes ?
Quotes are inspirational, funny, wise, etc. things that people have said. Quotes encourage and motivate everyone who has a goal. They can be very helpful if they are used regularly and correctly.
How can you learn English with quotes?
As we said : “quotes encourage and motivate everyone who has a goal”, and of course everyone who is learning English has a goal. They want to learn to speak English fluently! Quotes can motivate you if you are learning English, they encourage you, they help you to don’t quit ! They are also funny and enjoyable.
You can learn English vocabulary with quotes
Because quotes usually contain new words, not to mention that the words employed in quotes are often high level words and learning them can really make you sound an advanced student.
Also you can learn English vocabulary with quotes without memorizing word lists, which can be effective and natural.
Quotes are easy to memorize
Even though quotes may contain some difficult new words, they can be easy to memorize because they are funny and motivating. Sometimes they contain rhymes and they usually sound good. Memorizing the quotes means memorizing the new words in the quotes !
Where to find quotes?
Quotes are everywhere ! If you read a book, you may highlight some quotes. If you’re reading a novel you may find some great conversations, you can write them in a special notebook (you can call it a quotes book).
Quotes are on the web, there are a lot of websites specialized in quotes like Brainy Quote for example.
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Learning English does not have an end
Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, learning English doesn’t have an end ! you should never stop learning English even if you think that you are excellent. If you stop practicing English, you will forget it (Use it or lose it !)
Now, I think you have an idea about how long does it take to become fluent in English. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends on facebook and tell us about your own experience with English and fluency. If you are an advanced student tell us how did you do, if you are a beginner tell us too, don’t be shy !

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