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Part One Urdu Basic Common Sentences

Part two Learn Urdu Basic Common Sentences



Learn To Speak Urdu With Native Speakers


Four Frequently used Sentences In Urdu Speaking


Learn urdu Counting 1 to 10

Aik, doo , teen , chaar. paanch , etc


Part Six Common Urdu Phrases & Daily Urdu Sentences


Part Seven Learn Urdu English Phrases & Sentences

Part Eight Are You Ready To Learn Urdu With Mr Tariq Aziz

Part Nine Daily Urdu Sentences

Part Ten 11 Useful Urdu Greetings For Urdu Learners


Part 11  the most common Words In Urdu And the Most Common Vocabulary In Urdu

Part 12  Phrases & Short Basic Conversation Tutorial

Part 12 B Learn Urdu Basic Grammar Subject Pronoun

Part 13

Let’s Learn About season In Urdu


lesson 13 Urdu Words of the day – Small Short Words In English & Urdu Language


Lesson 14 Common Sentences In Urdu

Lesson 15 Learn Urdu Alphabat – Learn Urdu Accent And pronunciation

lesson 16 Learn Urdu Alphabat – Learn Urdu Accent And pronunciation


Lesson 17 Learn Urdu Alphabat – Learn Urdu Accent And pronunciation

lesson 18 Learn To Speak Urdu

lesson 19 Lesson about fruits

20 Urdu Sentences You can use In Your conversation

21) do you really want to Learn Urdu? It’s not so difficult as you think


How To Speak Urdu! English Sentences f


Learn Urdu Language Online For Beginners

24 Learn Urdu basic Sentences


25 Easy Way To Speak Urdu Language Like A native speakers

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30) Speak Urdu ! Read Urdu ! Listen Urdu



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32 Learn Urdu Qaida Urdu Phonics for Kids


33 How to Read Write and speak Urdu Effectively


34) learn to Pronounce “Is” “hai” In Urdu ! How to Read


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45 3 way to say Good bye In Urdu



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Fruit Names In Urdu

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30 Urdu Sentences You Can Use in Conversation |  Spoken Urdu for Beginners | Short Sentences


How are you?

Kaisey hai app


How’s it going?

How ya doin’?

How are things?

Sub kuch kaisa chal raha hai


How’s life?

Zindagi kesi guzar rahi hai


How’s your family?

Tumhrey gher waley kaisey hai


What’s up?

Kiya chal raha hai


What’s new?

What have you been up to lately?


I’m fine, thanks. How about you?

Main theak ho app sunaye app kaisey hai

Main theak aur app kaisey hai


Pretty good.

Acha hooo





Thanks a lot.

Bohat  sukriya

Thank you so much

App ka bohat bohat sukriya

It’s my fault.

(= I am taking responsibility for the problem)

Yeh meri galati hai


Oops, sorry.

Oo mazrat


No problem.

Kio masla nehi


Don’t worry about it.

Pershan mat ho es k liye


I forgive you.

Main app ko maaf kiya






Can you tell me…?

Kiya app majhey bata saktey hai


Could you tell me…?

Kiya app majhey bata saktey hai


I’d like to know…

Main janna chahta ho (male says like this)

Main janna chahti ho (female says like this)


Do you know?

Kiya tum jantey ho


Do you have any idea?

Kiya tumhrey pass kio tarkeeb hai

Tumhriya kiya khayal hai


What do you think about…?

(when you say this line to boy then says like this)

Tum kiya sochtey es barey mein

(when you say this line to girl then says like this)

Tum kiya sochti ho es barey mein


How do you feel abou?

(when you say this line to boy then says like this)

Tum kiya mehsoos kartey ho es barey mein

(when you say this line to girl then says like this)

Tum kiya mehsoos karti ho es barey mein


What’s your opinion?

Tumhri kiya rayee hai


What are your views?

Tumhri kiya raye hai


I agree 100%

Main 100 feesad mutafik ho


I don’t think so.

Main nehi khayal


oh I see

(it mean you understand now)

ab main samjha

ab main samjhi

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