Learning English by reading books

Learning English by reading books Later, we said that if you read a lot of books you are more likely to improve your writing skills. However, it is still possible to improve spoken English just by reading books.
You are not going to improve your pronunciation in English unless it is an audiobook, but you will develop some skills you need to speak English fluently.
If you want to really improve your English and be an advanced student, you should study more than regular students. You need to be a super learner and you should never give up!
To improve spoken English using books, you need to choose which type of books you read and how you read them:
Read books with lots of dialogues
Books with lots of dialogues will make you better imagine the story or what you are reading. Whenever you come to a dialogue, you will imagine people talking in the conversation and this will help you to improve spoken English.
Another benefit is the fact that dialogues use everyday words or the most common words. You will find real English in the conversations you read, which will help you to really improve spoken English.
Read out loud to improve spoken English
This is very important because it makes you use your voice and this means you are practicing speaking English. Yes it’s true you are speaking alone but you won’t see the benefits you’ll have from this wonderful method unless you try it.
Reading English out loud can also help to improve spoken English because it makes you speak and it makes you not shy. So if you have any problems related to emotions and psychology, you can improve your personality and encourage yourself by reading out loud.
Focus on the story
If you are reading a story, try to immerse in it and forget that you are learning English. This is very powerful! Personally, the new words I learn subconsciously last longer than the words I try to memorize.
Reading can improve spoken English this way because when it comes to a conversation in English you will use the expressions your just learned easily.
Don’t focus on language structure
This is similar to the previous tip except here you can improve spoken English just by trying to forget about language structure. I mean you should not focus on grammar, you should not focus on how the phrases are formulated. You need everything to be subconscious.
I know this tip is a little bit difficult in the beginning because you have had this bad habit of focusing on language structure, but believe me once you put yourself into it you’ll improve spoken English quickly!
Pay attention to punctuation
You need to just pay attention to punctuation but not too much! It doesn’t mean you should focus on punctuation but you only have to use the correct intonation depending on the punctuation.
If it is a question you should change your tone to show it is a question. If you know how to really apply this tip, sure you will improve spoken English a lot!
Those were just some simple rules to help you improve spoken English by reading books. There are many other benefits from reading English books but you should not focus only on reading! You have to listen as much as you can to improve your pronunciation in English.
What books have you been reading those last months? what type of books do you love to read? Tell us more about you, we would like to know more about you!

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