You either hate me or leave me – Poem Written By Tariq

Poem Written By Tariq

you either hate me or leave me
I can neither love you nor leave you
let make friends forever
don’t get hurt

You either hate me or leave me - Poem Written By TariqI don’t wanna lose you
your smile is very beautiful
I feel like looking at you all the time and all the day
I will make my home in heaven
just you and I will be there
I will not meet you in this life
but I don’t care
I wait for youuuuuuuu after my death
I am honest with you
you will be mine
but not in this temporary life
I trust on ALLAH
ALLAH never disappoint me
I love you and respect you with my heart and soul
I promise whenever I die
My soul will be waiting for your soul
because my love is true
I don’t expect anything from you
I don’t need anything from you
ALLAH knows better
I am not a greedy person
I need that love who’s forever
I know I am crazy
that is why I love you!
You are mine and I am yours

Written, Recorded and designing By Tariq
Lines from Dairy 2012 TARIQ AZIZ


If you don’t understand watch this video here



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