Lesson 11

Lesson 11 : English Sentences in Urdu

Lesson-11-basic-English-Sentences-In-Urdu-by-Tariq-Aziz-300x225 Lesson 11
Lesson 11 basic English Sentences In Urdu by Tariq Aziz
That sound pretty good Suney mein toh kafi acha hai
Eggplant Baghan
Ginger Adarak
Garlic Lehsan
You are smart-aleck Tum dareh hoshyar ho
Is Ali modest Kya ali sidha sada hai
Are you cutup Kya tum chochorey ho
I am very great full to my Allah Main bohat shukar guzar ho apne ALLAH ka
Anyway tell me Barhal majhey batao


Without friend is no water, Without a family is no blood  And Without a mind is nobody


‘’Learn as much by writing as by reading’’

‘’love someone ‘’

To love someone you would have to have hate them

To hate them you would have to have care for them

And to care of them you would have to have love them

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Tariq Aziz is a Teacher He is from Karachi, Pakistan. He is 30 years old and he has been teaching for 5 years. his nickname is Mr Crazy.

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