Lesson 28 Urdu to English Sentences – Learn English Urdu

Lesson 28: here are some Urdu to English Sentences for students

Urdu to English Sentences for students

15 Common Urdu to English Sentences

There is book on the table. Maaz per kitab parhi hai
There is not any book on the table. Maaz per kio kitaab nehi parhi hai
Is there any book on the table? Kiya kio kitab maaz per parhi hai
What is there on the table? Table per kiya cheaz parhi hai
There are two pencils in my box. Mere box mein 2 pencil hai
There are not any pencils in my box. Mere box mein kio pencil nehi hai
Are there any pencils in your box? Kiya tumhre box mein kio pencil hai
What are there in your box Tumhrey Box mein kiya hai
There are seven days in a week. Hafte mein saath din hote hai
How much rice is there? Kitna chawal hai

Waha kitna chawal hai

Here is a few letters for you to learn. Yaha kuch khat hai app ko yaad karne k liye
There’s a telephone call for you. App k liye phone hai
Is there a Mr Tariq staying here? Kiya yaha mr tariq tahre hue hai
There won’t be many teachers going to the party. Ziyda teachers nehi ja rahe party mein
Will there be a birthday party in the home? Kiya birth day party gher mein ho gi

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