Lesson 30 Present Simple Sentences In Urdu

Lesson 30 Present Simple Sentences In Urdu By sir tariq

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Lesson 30 : English Sentences in urdu

I’m opening the door.

You are opening the door.

He is opening the door…

Main darwaza khul raha ho

Tum darwaza khul rahe ho

Wo darwaza khul raha hai

I’m not opening the door? Main darwaza nehi khul raha
Are you opening the door? Kiya tum darwaza khul rahe ho
When are you opening the door? Tum kab darwaza khul rahe ho
The door is opened. Darwaza khula hai

Darwaza khulta hai

The door is not opened. Darwaza nehi khula hua hai

Darwaza nehi kulta hai

Is the door opened? Kiya darwaza khulta hai

Kiya darwaza khula hai

Don’t compare your self with any one In this world if you do so, you are Insulting your self.

‘’Silence and smile are two Tools ‘’smile’’ is the way to solve many

Problems and silence is the way to Avoid many problems.


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