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Unit one Basic usage of “I’m + Noun/adjective”

I’m=I am

I am + Noun /Adjective

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I’m is an abbreviation for the word ‘I AM.’ It is used in combination with other words to tell someone about yourself or to describe something you are doing.

Lesson-One-I-am-300x225 Unit one Basic usage of "I'm + Noun/adjective”

Here are some examples:

I am a boy

Main larka ho

I am a girl

Main larki ho

I am crazy (I will make you crazy soon)

Main pagal ho


I am a doctor.

Main doctor ho

I’m Tariq.

Main tariq ho

I’m thirty years old.

Main 30 saal ka ho

Meri umar 30 saal hai

I’m married.

Main shadi shuda ho

I’m single.

Main kuwara ho

I’m talkative.

Main baatoni ho(ziyda bolney wala)

I’m Smelly (badbu dar)

Main badbu dar ho

I’m stingy

Main kanjoos ho

I’m stupid (ullu/bewaqoof)

Main bewaqoof ho

I’m rich.

Main ameer ho

I’m poor.

Main gareeb ho


I’m middle-class and poor

Main gareeb aur middle class ho


I’m a taxi driver.

Main taxi driver ho

I’m bad.

Main bura ho

I’m good.

Main acha ho

I’m ill.

Main bemar ho

I’m sick

Main bemar ho

I’m fool (ahmak / bewaqoof)

Main ahmak ho

I’m so tired

Main bohat thaka hua ho

I’m so lonely (tanha/akla)

Main bohat akla ho


I’m so fancy

(khush asloob/intiha pasand/ fashion ya apne app ko khoobsort cheazo se saja kar rakhey)

Main bohat khush asloob ho

I’m sorry

Main mazrat khaa ho

Main maafi chahta ho

I’m right

Main theak ho

I’m wrong

Main galat ho

I’m senior (ziyda aham/ barrey rutbey wala)

Main barey rutbey wala ho

I’m junior (chota/kam rutbey wala)

Main chotey rutbey wala ho

I’m alive

Main zinda ho

I’m confused.(uljhan/pershan)

Main uljhan mein ho

I’m happy.

Main khush ho


I’m henpecked

Main Juru ka ghulam ho


I’m hungry.

Main bhooka ho

I’m nervous. .(dimaghi perhsan)

Main pershan ho


I’m excited. .(jazbati/pur jhosh)

Main pur jhosh ho


I’m thirsty.

Main piyassa ho


I’m from Karachi.

Main karchi sey ho

I’m extremely tired

Main bohat ziyda thaka hua ho

I’m very happy.

Main bohat khush ho

I’m terribly hungry.

Main bohat ziyda bhooka ho

I am super excited.(jazbati/pur jhosh)

Main bohat ziyda purjhosh ho

I’m very nervous.(dimaghi perhsan)

Main bohat pershan ho

Exercises Part One Translate these sentences in Urdu or Hindi

I am from Lahore

I am honest

I am best

I’m an honest boy

I am fat

I am optimistic


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