Let’s Learn English Speaking! Can I + 1st form of verb

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Free Basic English Speaking Course Lesson Fifty Two ~ Can I + 1st Form Of Verb
Free Basic English Speaking Course Lesson Fifty Two ~ Can I + 1st Form Of Verb

Simple and Easy English Speaking Course! Can I + 1st form of the verb

Here you are asking permission to do a particular action.

Can I help you?
kiya main tumhri madad kar sakta

Can I drive a car?
kiya main ghari chala sakta ho

Can I answer your question?
kiya main app ka sawal ka jawab da sakta ho

Can I attend the event?
kiya main event attend kar sakta ho

Can I move to another spot?
kiya main aik jaga sey dosri jaga ja sakta ho

Can I call you tomorrow?
kiya main tumhey kal phone kar sakta ho

Can I complete this later?
kiya main yeh thori der baad mukamal kar sakta ho

English Speaking Course For Beginners

Can I explain myself?
kiya main khud ki wazahat kar sakta ho
kiya main apney barey mein wazahat sey bata sakta ho

Can I help you with your homework?
kiya main tumhrey homework mein tumhri madad kar sakta

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Can I introduce you to my brother?
kiya main tumhey apney bhai sey mutarif karwa sakta

Can I inform you of some bad news?
kiya main tumhey kuch buri khabrey da sakta ho

do you agree? English Speaking is really simple

Vocabulary of the day

What is the meaning of “leave it to me”?
The meaning of “leave it to me” is:
I’ll be responsible for it

Mom: I’m sick today. Can you take the children to school?
Dad: Yeah, leave it to me. Just get some rest!
humhra ha aisa kio kah day log kahtey hai usey oye juru k ghulam


Question of the day


what were the last two books you read?

have you ever read dastaaan “Ameer Hamza” and “Tilism -e- Hoshroba”?

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