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Let’s learn English together, Nowadays, there are many online communities to learn English. Some are better than others. Some are free and others are paid. Many forums and groups are online to improve English.
I created this blog “How I Learn English” to share my learning with other learners like you. I started to learn English many years ago. I do speak English fluently but I want to improve even more. Let’s learn English together!
Every day I learn English. I do Google searches in English and watches some videos in English. I have many online friends with whom I speak English. And I also speak English with my family members!
Let’s learn English together on Facebook
I didn’t use Facebook groups and pages before. I just tried both and I think it is a great idea to practice and improve English. Many English students are following my page on Facebook. There are many active members on our group too.
How I Learn English Facebook Page: I created this page about two years ago. But I stopped updating it. It was not a good page!
About a month ago, I started to update my Facebook page again. At the time I am writing those lines, it has more than 900 likes which is great as a beginning!
Each day I write some quotes that I find useful and helpful. Quotes to help English learners to motivate themselves. Those quotes contain a lot of English vocabulary as well! Like my page on Facebook and let’s learn English together!
How I Learn English Facebook Group: It is called: “Daily English practice”. I created this group about a month ago. It has more than 2600 members already. Each day, I get about 100 requests from members willing to join our group.
Our members are active and they are all (almost) English learners. They write quotes, ask grammar questions, post some English quizzes and much more!
Our Facebook Group is a great resource to learn English. You can get in touch with many English learners like you. You can also make some friends there. We can easily learn English together by joining Daily English Practice!
More ideas to learn English together
You can read my blog posts daily to improve your reading skills. I always write using easy English. If you don’t understand something, you can ask me in the comments. You can also notify me when I make a mistake (Yes, I make mistakes!)
Subscribe to my blog RSS feeds if you don’t want to miss a single article. You can also subscribe to my newsletter to get free stuff and the latest updates.
If you have more ideas, you can suggest me (I love your suggestions) and I will proudly try to include your suggestions. I am also thinking about adding two features to learn English together:
Talk English via Skype:
I am trying to add this nice feature in order to practice English online. I will add a page to contact me personally via Skype. Of course I am not available all the time, but I will include the time when I will be available.
Each day, I’ll be having at least one hour to learn English together. I’ll divide it into sessions (about 5 sessions each hour). Sometimes, I’ll record some conversations in English between me and other learners.
How I Learn English videos
I decided to run a YouTube channel and update it with English learning Videos. I’ll be adding many types of videos:
o Tips to improve English skills and to speak English fluently.
o Updates I make on the blog and social media.
o Me practicing English and talking about random themes.
o Conversations I record via Skype.
o More ideas I will get as soon as I start.
I know there are more ideas to learn English together. But those are some of the ideas I am considering right now. If you have some additional ideas, feel free to tell me in the comments below.
If you want to make our community bigger so we can learn English together effectively, share this article!

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