Useful Phrases about Love, Dating and Relationships

Useful Phrases about Love, Dating and Relationships – Learn English Urdu
لَڑکی یا عورَت کامَرد ساتھی ۔-Boyfriend – a boy you’re having a relationship with.
Boyfriend ka Matlab aik aisa larka Jo app ka mehboob ha,/ aik aisa jis sey app ka cakkar chal raha ho woh app ka boyfriend kahlata hai
Girlfriend – a woman you’re having a relationship with.
گرل فرینڈ ۔ دوست خاتون ۔ محبوبہ
Girlfriend ka Matlab aik esi larki ya aurt Jo app ki mashooqa ho ya / aik esi larki ya aurt jis sey app ka cakkar chal raha ho woh girlfriend kahlati hai
Husband – a person who you’re married.
ہَزبینڈ ۔ خاوَند ، شوہَر ۔ سَرتاج
Aik aisa Banda jis sey appki shadi hui ho/ aik aisa shaks Jo jis larki sey shadi karta hai us larki ka woh shaks husband/Miya/khawind/sartaj kahlata hai

Wife – a woman who you’re married.
وائف ۔ بیوی ۔ پتنی ۔ شریکِ حیات
Aik aisi aurt jis sey appki shadi hui ho/ aik larki jab aik larkey sey shadi Karti hai us larkay ki biwi ko wife kahtey hai
Spouse – your husband or wife.
خاوند یا بیوی, شادی کرنا . میاں یا بیوی

Apkay Miya ya phir appki biwi ko spouse kahtey hai ager app larkey ho app ki biwi spouse kahlaye gi aur ager app larki ho app ka husband spouse kahlaye ga

Couple – two people in a relationship.

جوڑا ۔ زوجین ۔ میاں بیوی ۔ دُولہا دُولہن ۔, جوڑا ۔ منگیتر

Jab larka aur larki kisi rishtey mein ho unhey couple kah Jata hai / do log Kafi time Tak saath rista nibha rahe ho magni ka baad ya Shaadi k baad unhey couple kaha Jata hai

Partner – a general word to refer to someone you’re married to or having a romantic relationship with.

پارٹنر ۔ شریک ۔ شراکت دار ۔ رفیق ۔, ساتھی ۔ ہم راہی ۔

Kisi ka saath app ka cakkar chal raha ho ya app kisi sey shadi karney waley ya phir app sey jis ki shadi hui hai usey partner kahtey hai

Lover – someone’s lover is someone they’re having a relationship with, but aren’t married to.

عاشق ۔ محب ۔ دوست

Jab shadi na hui ho aur jis sey app Pyar kartey hai ya Jo app sey Pyar karta ya jis ka app sey cakkar chal raha ho shadi k baghair woh app ka lover kahlata hai

Bachelor – a person who has never married.

کَنوارَہ ۔ چھَڑا ۔

Aik aisa shaks jis ki shadi na hui ho usey bachelor kahtey hai

Fiance – your “fiancé” is the man you’re going to marry.

مَنگیتَر ۔ شادی کے لِیے مَنسُوب شَخص ۔

Fiance us banday ko kahtey Jo app sey shadi karney wala ho / larki jis sey shadi Karney wali ho us larki k honey waley husband ko fiance kahtey hai

Fiancee – your “fiancée” is the woman you’re going to marry.

مَنگیتَر ۔ مَنسُوبَہ ۔ شادی کے لِیے مَنسُوب عَورَت

Fiancee us larki ya aurt ko kahtey hai Jo app sey shadi karney wali ho ya app ki mangater Ho
Secret admirer – if you have a “secret admirer“, someone loves you, but you don’t know who it is.

Secret admirer sey Murad kio Tum sey muhabbat karta ho aur tumhey maloom na ho us shaks k barey mein
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Types of date in Love & Relationships
Date– if you have a “date“, you have an appointment with someone to go to the cinema / a restaurant, etc.
Date ka Matlab hota hai app kisi shaks sey milney waley ho cinema / ice shop per ya phir kisi hotel mein
Date ka Matlab aik larka aik larki sey akley kahi milta muhabbat k liye
First date – the first time two people go out.
Aik larka aik larki k saath kahi bahir jaye pehli dafa
Do log pehli dafa Miley aur kahi jaye woh pehli date kahlati hai
Double date – a date in which two pairs of potential partners go out: two girls with two boys, etc.
Double date ka Matlab do larkey aur do larkiya apney apney mehboob k saath jaye
Blind date – a date with someone you’ve never met or seen before.
woh hoti jis sey app milney ja rahe ho lekin app nay na usey kabhi dheka ho na hi miley ho aur app ko maloom hi na ho k app kis larki ya larkey sey milney ja rahe hai
Useful phrasal verb about Love & Relationships
Go out with someone – to be in a relationship with someone:
Kisi k saath relationship hona
“I’m going out with Jessica.”
Mera Jessica ka saath relationship hai.
Jaisa Meri mashooqa hai
Go steady – to be in a serious relationship with someone:
Kisi k saath cakkar ho lekin shadi ka bhi pakka irada ho / sacha rishta ho / rishtey ko le kar serious hona
“We’re going steady.”
Humhra rishta sanjeeda hai
Hum rishtey ko le kar serious hai
Date – to see someone romantically every now and then: “We’ve been dating for a few years now.”
Hum kuch saalo sey date kar  rahe hai
See someone – to be in a relationship with someone but it isn’t serious yet:
Kisi k saath cakkar ho lekin serious na Matlab time pass
“I’ve been seeing her on and off for a few years now.”
Move-in with someone – to start to live with someone:
Kisi k saath rehna shuru kar dena
“He moved in with her last year.”
Woh us k sàath pichley saal sey reh raha haia
Live together – to live in the same house/apartment as someone:
kisi k saath aik hi gher mein rehna
They’ve been living together for about six years now.”
woh log 6 saalo sey aik saath reh rahe hai
Leave someone – if A “leaves” B, A stops the relationship:
rishta khatam karna
“She left him after seven years together.”
usney saath saal aik saath rehney k baad rishta khatam kar diya
Break up / split up – to separate: “
They broke up after four years in a relationship.
woh log 4 saal baad alag ho gaye
Be on a break – if a couple are “on a break”, they are having a rest from their relationship:
“I started seeing this other man while I was on a break.”
Be back together – to start going out again: “
chalo phir sey rishta jortey hai
They split up four months ago, but they’re back together now.”
woh 4 maheeney pehle alag ho gaye lekin ab woh log dobra sey aik ho gaye
Get over someone – if you “get over someone”, you stop loving them:
tumhey us shaks sey ab pyar nehi raha
“He was upset at first, but he soon got over her.”
woh pehle toh udass tha lekin jald hi usey pyar nehi raha
Cheat on someone (informal) – if A and B are a couple and A “cheats on” B,
dhokha dena
A has a secret relationship with another person.
Propose to someone – to ask someone to marry you.
kisi ko shadi k liye pouchna
Get down on your knees (informal) – to ask someone to marry you.
Pop the question (informal)– to ask someone to marry you.
gutno per bheth kar kisi ko shadi k liye purpose karna ya kisi sey shadi k liye pouchna
Be engaged – if you “are engaged”, you have promised to marry someone.
kisi sey wada karna ka tum us sey shadi karo ga
Get married – to legally become man and wife (or other combinations) in a formal ceremony.
shadi karna legally
Tie the knot (informal)– to get married.
shadi kartey hai
Have an affair with someone– if someone “has an affair”, they have a relationship with someone who isn’t their husband/wife.
kisi ka saath chakkar chalana biwi hotey hue bhi
Be faithful – not to have affairs with other people.
rishtey mein emaandar hona ya kisi ka saath kio chakkar na hona
Be unfaithful – to have affairs with other people whilst in a relationship.
kisi rishtey mein wafadar na hona ya aik k hotey hue kisi dosre k saath cakkar chalana
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