In love Marriage or Arranged Marriage Which Circumstances Make Them Separated

in love marriage or arranged marriage which circumstances make them separated


Never satisfaction 

We never satisfy whatever we have. We always want something new and we never think about our parents and culture 

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Aggressive nature  

We don’t have patience.we get angry when we think we sacrifice everything for love or Parents


We taunt each other we don’t want to talk at that time.. Husband thinks a wife should say sorry and wife thinks a husband should say sorry, we don’t forgive each other and it’s all about ego problem and in this situation, you think what do you have? And why? Why? Why did you sacrifice everything for the sake of love or for your parents?


Who told you to sacrifice everything for your love?

Did your parents tell you?

Did your lover tell you?

Did your family and friends tell you?


No dear it was your own decision because you are too young to think that you are right and you can enjoy your life 

If you anyone told you ‘don’t do this so you always said ‘be off’ or get lost because you thought you have a lot of experience and you can live happily forever  so let me tell you this is not a movie where you are hero and your lover is heroine coz this is a real-life and life is really tough. You have to survive and suffer a lot of pain   


Expectations from our beloved

 In love marriage, we have lots of expectations from our beloved 

We think after marriage we will go to the party, park, long drive, every week cinema, student biryani and in the last we will go to an ice cream shop where we eat ice cream.

We make our mind sometimes boys think like this and sometime girls think like this….


Students thinking

Time and promises   

In love marriage i think that time and promises become the reason of separation which both makes with each other before the wedding, in love marriage they know each other even they know every activity very well but members of the family plays a very important role  in separation because all family members are against them if not then mostly mother or father. They do not compromise at all with a girl and hit & taunt her when they get a chance.


Lifestyle is different 


In an arranged marriage, the most common reason of separation is when the boy or girl already love someone before his/her marriage and after marriage, he or she is not able to forget that person and other reason when parents joined them without their consent. The problem also created that time when their lifestyle is different to each other like education.. One is well educated and other is illiterate


Successful marriage

 Assalam o Alaikum sir, first of all, we will discuss what is a love marriage or arranged marriage secondly which circumstances make them separated. The lord started this relationship till creating human beings until the end of the world now we discuss what kind of marriage is successful. We can’t say love marriage is successful or an arranged marriage is successful. But successful marriage depends upon trust, respect, honesty and understanding whether it is love or arranged marriage. If both of them don’t find these things then this relationship will be spoiled. Sometimes mothers-in-law have a lot of expectations from the girl when she didn’t fulfil their wishes then they create problems for her 

Or the husband doesn’t care his wife she did not feel happy. She victim of illness and loneliness. In short, we can say that all the above things become the reason for separation  

In love Marriage or Arranged Marriage Which Circumstances Make Them Separated
In love Marriage or Arranged Marriage Which Circumstances Make Them Separated

Trust, Respect honesty and Understanding


In my point of view

Love marriage or arranged marriages are the same 

I think love or arranged marriage both are the same because it depends on the husband and wife and also sometimes depend on a family  but the most important things are the following 





if you get these things in your relationship then no need of anything in your precious life 

so people should think much more about before taking this step then decide because it makes the life of people and some people said that love marriage is better than arranged marriage but sometimes love marriage makes trouble for them, GOD knows better couple makes on the sky  

but the protection of their relationship in their own hands, therefore, people should think about this if you cannot protect then think again and should try to solve problems and if you can’t solve just leave on God

it’s last decision 

life is not a bed of roses, everyone has to face difficult problems,

everybody knows better what’s right and what’s wrong so I just want to say it.


love marriage is better so that they know easily each other

Please let me know what you think

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