Most Common And Easy Spoken English Sentences For Daily Use

Most Common And Easy Spoken English Sentences For Daily Use- Lesson 94

Are you hungry?
Kiya tum bhookey ho
Kiya tumhy bhook lagi hai

Are you tired?
Kiya tum thakey hue ho

Are you ready?
Kiya tum tayar ho

Are you busy?
Kiya tum masroof ho

Are you mad?
Kiya tum pagal ho

Are you there?
Kiya tum waha ho

Are you with me?
Kiya tum mere saath ho

Are you sure?
Kiya tumhey yaqeen hai

Are you happy?
Kiya tum khush ho

Are you angry?
Kiya tum gussa ho

Are you angry with me?
Kiya tum majh sey gussa ho

Are you with him/her?
Kiya tum us ka saath ho

Are you at home?
Kiya tum gher per ho


First Assignment

Are you fine?
Are you scatty?
Are you jealous?
Are you kidding?
Are you okay?
Are you serious?
Are you fine?

2nd Assignment
Make five similar sentences

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Vocabulary of the day




Can you easily hold back your tears?


Questions of the day


Someone once said: “Tears are words the heart can’t express.” Do you agree?
how long have you been learning English?
when was the last time you cried and why?

Golden words

No one notices your tears,
no one notices your sadness,
no one notices your pain
but they all notice your mistakes

Mr. Tariq Loves Tears and he loves to cry Only in front of GOD

Nobody deserves your tears, but whoever deserves them will not make you cry

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