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My Dream – Lines from My Dairy Written By tariq

My Dream has written By Tariq Aziz – Lines from my Dairy 

my-dream-by-tariq-aziz-300x110 My Dream - Lines from My Dairy Written By tariq

in a dream I was crazy

I have tears in my eyes


I request to My ALLAH

give me your Love

just come into my Heart

I will not smoke a fag

I will not hurt anyone

I will not hate anyone

just come into my heart

I love you Allah

Please forgive my sins

Please forget my mistakes

Please come into my heart

I am feeling alone

I need your love

I need you and your blessing

I need you and your love

I will try not to commit sins

I need you myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ALLAH

everywhere is darkness

everyone left me

everyone hates me

I ask for love only

I feel like dying because there is no love for me

I accept my mistakes

I accept my sins

just come back don’t go away My Allah

then I saw myself in the middle of the road

people stare at me

I can feel  that they hate me so much

they throw stones to beat me

they try to kill me

and say these lines

he is evil

he is sinner

he is mad just keep beating him with stones

a lot of blood come from my mouth, face and entire body

at that time I was feeling happy and I say to my ALLAH

Thank you so much my dear sweet ALLAH

If you don’t understand watch this video here


This Poem Is written By Tariq Aziz

copyright 2012 @ TARIQ AZIZ

Dated 16-08-2012

Poem And Story Written By Tariq Lines from My Dairy


About Tariq Aziz

Tariq Aziz is a Teacher He is from Karachi, Pakistan. He is 30 years old and he has been teaching for 5 years. his nickname is Mr Crazy.

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