My Father By Bazigah Murad

My Father By Bazigah Murad
We love him a lot,
hum unsey bohat ziyda muhabbat kartey hai
Our relation is tied as a knot,
humhra rishta aik githa ki tarha bandha hua hai
He works day and night,
woh din raat kam kartey hai
woh din raat mehanat kartey hai
With all his love and fight,
apni tamam muhabbat aur larai k saath
He is strict as a chief of police district,
woh itna sakht hotey hai jaisey zila ka police

He calm as a tree of palm,
woh khujhor k darakhk ki tarha pursukoon hotey hai
For us, his care is a must,
humharey liye uska khayal rakhna zarrori hai
usney humhra khayal rakhna lazmi hai
Can never be sprinkle in dust,
kabhi bhi muskil mein humhey bhickharney nehi da sakta
kabhi khaakh mein jharakh nehi sakta
May his shadow on our head stay forever,
Allah humharey baap ka saaya humharey sir per humesha rahe
We can’t think of losing him ever,
hum kabhi unhey khoney ka soch bhi nehi saktey
A bunch of flower,
pholo ka aik guldasta
For my lovely father!
mere pyare abuu k liye

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