English Poem Nights by Biya Gull – English To Urdu Translation 

English Poem Nights by Biya Gull – English To Urdu Translation

I love to write nights
Majhey raatoon mein likhna pasand hai
Majhey raatoon mein likhna acha lagta hai

Cause If I cry nobody can see
Kyo ka ager main ro bhi lo toh kio dhek nehi sakta
Waja ager main rota ho kio nehi dhekta

The darkest nights: that gives a sense to emotion
Tareekh raatain jo jazbaat ko aik ehsaas deti hai

To change them in words
Woh jazbaat lafzu mein badal jatey hai

The darkest nights hide the deepest pain
Tareekh raatain chupa leti hai gahrey dard ko
Tareekh raatien anrooni gahrey dard ko chupa leti hai

The beautiful eyes had cried the most
Khoobsoort aankhein bohat ziyda roti hai
Khoobsoort aankhein sub sey ziyda roti hai

And all this happened in the darkest nights
Aur yeh sub hota tareekh raaton mein
Aur yeh sub hua tareekh raato mein

When i had it all
Jab mere pass yeh sub kuch tha
Jab mere pass yeh sab tha

How can I be alone?
Toh main kaisey oakley ho sakti
Toh main kaisey tanha ho sakti ho

I love nights
Majhey raatain pasand hai
Majhey raatain achi lagti hai

The darkest, the brightest, and the quiet ones’’
Yeh raatain khamosh , roshan aur tareekh hoti hai
Tareekh , roshan, aur pursakoon

This poem “Nights” is written by Biya Gull

Taken from smash magazine

Translated By Tariq Aziz

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