Three words to express feelings In English by Tariq Aziz

Lesson forty six by tariq aziz

Lesson Forty Six  Three words to express feelings In English By Tariq Aziz  Written By Bushra and her sister. Recorded By TARIQ AZIZ جزبات کے اظہار کے لیے دو تین لفظوں والے جملے ملاحظہ کریں Words Meanings words Meanings   Cheer you خوش رہو Oh! My god میرے خدایا Very well  …

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Lesson 44 English Sentences With Urdu Meaning

lesson forty four basic English sentences with urdu meaning

Lesson 44 English sentences with Urdu meaning Is /are/am/was/ were English Sentences Meaning In Urdu I am your own friend. میں تمہارا اپنا دوست ہوں۔ Are you new here? کیا آپ یہاں نئے ہیں Who is she to you? وہ تمہاری کون لگتی ہے؟ Where are you from? تمہارا تعلق کہاں …

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13 WH Question words In English – Basic English WH Questions

Basic Common English Sentences In Urdu by Tariq Aziz

13 WH Question words In English –  Lesson 42 Basic WH Questions With English Sentences in Urdu How much money do they have? ان  کے پاس  کتنا پیسہ ہے؟ Who has a black car? کس کے پاس کالی گاڑی ہے؟ Why does he have whooping cough? اسےکالی کھانسی کیوں ہے؟ Why does …

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