English Poem friend Into Urdu Translation By Maira Khan

English Poem friend Into Urdu Translation Written By Maira Khan


What a blessing it is to have a friend,
dost hona kitni bari nemat hai

Love At First Sight Romantic Poem by Nauman Akhter

Who always get at your back,
jo humesha tumhrey saath hota hai
jo humesha tumhrey pichey hota hai

Who helps you to build confidence,
jo tumhri madad karta tumhra atmaad peda karney mein

To helps you to build confidence,
atamad peda karney mein madad karta hai takey

To challenge the whole world,
takey puri duniya ko lalkar sako
puri duniya ko dheka sako tum kisi sey kam nehi

Oh, what a gift it is….
aoh kiya tofa hai yeh

To have a friend who give you strength,
dost hota hai jo app ko taqat da
dost hota jo app ko hosla himat da

friend by maira khan


My Mom By Warda Asif English Poem Into Urdu

Oh , what a treasure it is….
aoh yeh kaisa khazana hai
yeh kitna bara khazana hai

To have a friend who’d help you to achieve your dreams,
dost hota jao jo app ki madad karta hai app ka khwabo ko pura karney mein

Oh, what a communication it is….
aoh kiya baat cheet hoti hai
kia khoob batain hoti hai

To connect with friends and increase friendship,
dosto sey rabta karney liye aur dosti barhaney k liye

Friendship is the journey to infinity,
dosti ka safar abad tak hai
dosti ka safar lamehdood hai

7 Friendship Quotes, Sms, Messages English To Urdu Translation

Which never stops, and keep on going….
jo kabhi rokta nehi aur chalta rahta hai
jo kabhi khatam nehi hota aur chalta rahta hai

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