Positive, Comparative and Superlative Adjectives List

WORDS THAT DESCRIBE Positive, Comparative and Superlative Adjectives List

  big   bigger   biggest
  black   blacker   blackest
  dark   darker   darkest
  dull   duller   dullest
  early   earlier   earliest
  fast   faster   fastest
  fat   fatter   fattest
  few   fewer   fewest
  fine   finer   finest
  good   better   best
  grand   grander   grandest
  hard   harder   hardest
  healthy   healthier   healthiest
  holy   holier   holiest
  hot   hotter   hottest
  kind   kinder   kindest
  large   larger   largest
  late   later   latest
little   littler   littlest
  long   longer   longest
  near   nearer   nearest
  old   older   oldest
  rich   richer   richest
  short   shorter   shortest
  sick   sicker   sickest
  sleepy   sleepier   sleepiest
  slim   slimmer   slimmest
  small   smaller   smallest
  smart   smarter   smartest
  straight   straighter   straightest
  tall   taller   tallest
  thin   thinner   thinnest
  tiny   tinier   tiniest
  ugly   uglier   ugliest
  white   whiter   whitest
  young   younger  youngest

Positive, Comparative and Superlative

  angry   angrier   angriest   angrily
  bad   worse   worst   badly
  bold   bolder   boldest   boldly
  bright   brighter   brightest   brightly
  clean   cleaner   cleanest   cleanly
  clear   clearer   clearest   clearly
  close   closer   closest   closely
  cold   colder   coldest   coldly
  cool   cooler   coolest   coolly
  deep   deeper   deepest   deeply
  full   fuller   fullest   fully
  great   greater   greatest   greatly
  happy   happier   happiest   happily
  heavy   heavier   heaviest   heavily
  high   higher   highest   highly
  light   lighter   lightest   lightly
  loud   louder   loudest   loudly
  mean   meaner   meanest   meanly
  neat   neater   neater   neatly
  nice   nicer   nicest   nicely
  noisy   noisier   noisiest   noisily
  quick   quicker   quickest   quickly
  sad   sadder   saddest   sadly
  sharp   sharper   sharpest   sharply
  shy   shyer   shyest   shyly
  slow   slower   slowest   slowly
  smooth   smoother   smoothest   smoothly
  strict   stricter   strictest   strictly
  strong   stronger   strongest   strongly
  sweet   sweeter   sweetest   sweetly
  tight   tighter   tightest   tightly
  warm   warmer   warmest   warmly
  attractive   more attractive   most attractive   attractively
  beautiful   more beautiful   most beautiful   beautifully
  clever   more clever   most cleaver   cleverly
  cruel   more cruel   most cruel   cruelly
  deceitful   more deceitful   most deceitful   deceitfully
  famous   more famous   most famous   famously
  furious   more furious   most furious   furiously
  jealous   more jealous   most jealous   jealously
  peaceful   more peaceful   most peaceful   peacefully
  personal   more personal   most personal   personally
  powerful   more powerful   most powerful   powerfully
  public   more public   most public   publicly
  religious   more religious   most religious   religiously
  responsible   more responsible   most responsible   responsibly
  shameful   more shameful   most shameful   shamefully
  wicked   more wicked   most wicked   wickedly
  worthy   more worthy   most worthy   worthily

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