English Grammar Lesson Possessive Pronouns In Urdu ! Hindi

English grammar Lesson possessive pronouns In Urdu! Hindi?

How do you use possessive pronouns?

possessive pronoun definition in Urdu

possessive pronoun indicates close possession or ownership or relationship of a thing/person to another thing/person

possessive pronoun  kisi bhi cheaz ka taluq bayan karta hai

Kisi bhi shaks ka kisi bhi cheaz sey taluq ho us taluq ko possessive pronoun kahtey hai

how many possessive pronouns are there?









possessive pronouns


my mine


our ours

You (s)



He his


She her


It its



their theirs
You (P) your



1) describe who owns something

(wazat karna kon malik hai ya kis ki cheaz hai)


2) to replace the noun ( also replace the possessive adjective)

(noun ko badalna..possessive adjective ki jaga possessive pronouns lagana)


3) to avoid repeating the noun, we use possessive pronouns

koshish karey kio noun bar bar na likhey aur  us bar bar noun laganey ki jaga hum possessive pronouns ka estamal kartey hai


that car is my car, not your car. 

(woh car meri car hai tumhri car nehi)


yeh jumla uper wala app ko ajeeb nehi lag raha

yeh uper wala jumla sahi hai lekin ajeeb hai


above sentence is correct but not natural

(uper wala jumla theak hai lekin qudrati nehi lag raha)


because we are repeating the noun

(kyo ka hum noun ka bar bar likh rahe hai)


esi jumley mein bar bar noun laganey k bajaye hum possive pronoun lagtey hai dheky 

check this out

Present tense In Urdu

Past Tense In Urdu

that car is mine, not yours (it looks natural)

(woh car tumhri nehi meri hai) (yeh lag raha qudarti jumla)


Possessive Meaning in Urdu With Examples 


Question 01) is this your car?(kiya yeh tumhri car hai)

Answer 01) yes, it’s mine. (ha yeh meri hai)


Question 02) Hello Tariq! I like that bike. is it yours? (salam tariq, majhey woh motorcyle pasand hai kia yeh tumhri hai)


Answer 02) No,it isn’t mine. (nehi yeh meri nehi hai)


that car is hers.

(woh car uski(larki) hai)


your book is old, mine is new.

(tum kitab purni hai, meri nayi hai)


the pen on the table is mine.

(table per rakha hua mera pen hai)

(table per mera pen hai)


the smallest cup is yours.

(chota cup tumhra hai)


the voice is hers.

(awaaz uski hai)


they are not your shoes they are hers.

(yeh tumhrey jhotey nehi yeh uskey hai)


the car is ours, not theirs.

(car humhari hai unlogo ki nehi)


Tariq is going to sell his car but kamran is going to keep his.

(tariq apni car bhecjh raha hai lekin kamran apni car rakh raha hai)


I have lost my camera, may i use yours?

(mera camera khooh cuka hai kiya main app ka camera estmal kar sakta ho)


they received your letter, did you received theirs?

(unhey tumhry khat miley, kiya tumhey unkay khat miley)


my armchair is blue. theirs is red.

(meri kursi blue hai un ki red hai)

English Grammar Lesson Possessive Pronouns In Urdu & Hindi How do you use possessive pronouns


this is mine. (yeh mera hai)

this isn’t mine. (yeh mera nehi hai)

is this mine? (kiya yeh mera hai)

isn’t this mine? (kiya yeh mera nehi hai)


these are yours. (yeh app key hai)

these aren’t yours (yeh app key nehi hai)

are these yours? (kiya yeh app key hai)

aren’t these yours? (kiya yeh app key nehi hai)


this is ours. (yeh humhra hai)

this isn’t ours. (yeh humhra nehi hai)

is this ours? (kiya yeh humhra hai)

isn’t this ours? (kiya yeh humhra nehi hai)


these are hers. (yeh uska hai)

these aren’t hers. (yeh uska nehi hai

are these hers? (kiya yeh uska hai)

aren’t these hers? (kiya yeh uska nehi hai)


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