Present Perfect Tense In Urdu By Tariq

Present Perfect Tense


An action or situation that started in the past and continues in the present

Identity In Urdu

chuka hai, chuki hai, chukay hain.

lay leya hai, dey deya hai, ker leya hai etc

Helping verb

Has/ Have

Verb……………..3rd form / past participle

Subject + have/has + past participle +object



He has / She has / it has / tariq has


I have/ You have / we have / they have / children have / Tariq and Suleman have

I have just got free.

Main bus abhi free hua ho


She has just arrived.

Wooh bas abhi pohanchi hai


They have just started.

Uney ney bas abhi shuru kiya hai


We have already missed a chance.

Hum pehle hi  moqaa gawa cukey hai

She has already got late.

Usey pehle hi der ho gayi hai


Ahmed has already got a job.

Ahmed ko pehle hi aik nokari mil cuki hai


I have hardly understood the lecture.

Majhey muskil sey lecture samjh aya hai


You have hardly completed  a homework assignment

Tum ney muskil sey gher ka diya gya kam kiya hai


I have recently been to Australia.

Main abhi australia sey ja kar aya ho


They have recently started a new business.

Unhey ney abhi hi naya karobar shuru kiya hai


She has recently become a doctor.

Woh abhi abhi doctor bani hai


I have checked four papers so far.

Main ab tak 4 paper check kiye hai


She has passed ten students so far.

Usney ab tak 10 talib e ilmo ko pass kiya hai

Question of the day

What’s the difference between present perfect tense and past simple.

what can we do to help orphans?


Translation These sentences

it has just stopped raining

She has hardly regained her health.

You have already told her

she has already passed away

So far, they have met with no success.


2nd Assignment

Make five similar sentences


Vocabulary of the day

Know  جاننا

I know you very well.

میں تمہیں اچھی طرح جانتا ہوں ۔

Part One

There are three types of people in the world. First type of person makes things happen. The second type of person watches things happen, and the third type of person wonders what happened

Part Two

When to Use Present perfect with state verbs! Learn English Grammar Part two

We can use present perfect tense for the states which were not only there in the past but in the present as well.

I have been worried for many days.

Main kuch dino sey pershan ho


You have been in Islamabad for a week.

Tum aik haftey sey Islamabad mein ho


My mother has been ill for two days.

Meri ammi two din sey bemar hai


I have had this mobile since morning

Mere pass mobile subha sey hai


Child has been stubborn since beginning.

Bacha zid kar raha hai shuru sey


I have had fever for two days.

Majhey bhukhar hai doo din sey


She has had car for a month

Us ka pass car hai aik mahiney sey


he has been very ill for a month

wooh aik mahiney sey bohat ziyda bemar hai


Family members have taken offence.

Gher walo ney bazati mehoos ki

Gher waley bura maan gaye

Gher walo ko bura laga hai

1st Assignment


I have never been angry with friends

She has driven the same car since 1975.

He has got first position.

He has had your mobile for two days

They have won the match.

They have been in Karachi since 2000

Some prisoners have escaped.

Rain has stopped.

They have taken the patient to the hospital.


2nd  Assignment

These people haven’t had anything to eat for some days.


Vocabulary of the day

back out of something


khatam karma / phir jana / nikal lena /pichey hat jana

withdraw from / abandon / cancel


You have backed out of your words.

Tum apni baat sey phir gaye ho

Quote of the day

Am Responsible For What I Say, Not What You Understand.


Question of the day

Is it useful to believe that “I am only responsible for what I say, not for what you understand” while in a relationship?

Part Three

Past simple for action in past not have influence in present.That happened in past.Present perfect tense action start in past end in the moment when we speak.In this moment.Past simple. I had end with you.I have had end with you.

  1. vi) Yet: used in negative statements and questions to talk about whether something that was

expected has


  1. eg) They haven’t come yet.
  2. eg) Electricity hasn’t come back yet.
  3. eg) Why haven’t you written my name yet?
  4. Note that there is a difference between last and the last. Compare:

(a) I have been here since last week ( month, year etc. ) and

(b) I have been here for the last week.

Last week, in (a), means a point in time about seven days ago. the last week, in (b), means the

period of seven days just completed.

The guests have reached.

Mehman aa chukay hain.

Learn English With Tariq
Learn English With Tariq

Learning is not so difficult now if you believe in yourself then you can learn english easily through grammar and in this lesson we are going to learn present perfect tense In Urdu and hindi

Present Perfect Negative And Interrogative Exercises Lesson Three

backed out ( baat say phirna)
You have backed out of your words.
You have not backed out of your words.
Have you backed out of your words?
Have you not backed out of your words?

dizzy.(Chakkar ana)
She has felt dizzy.
She has not felt dizzy.
Has she felt dizzy?
Has she not felt dizzy?

Bring someone around ( razi karma /manana)

We have brought mother around.
We have not brought mother around.
Have we brought mother around?
Have we brought mother around?

She has kept her feelings back (=apni kayfiat chupana)
She has not kept her feelings back.
Has she not kept her feelings back?
Has she not kept her feelings back?

Cribs (cheating material)
Some boys have used cribs in the test.
Some boys have not used cribs in the test
Have some boys used cribs in the test?
Have some boys not used cribs in the test?

The child has broken the glass
The child has not broken the glass
Has the child broken the glass?
Has the child not broken the glass?

Police has taken bribe.
Police has not taken bribe.
Has police taken bribe?
Has police not taken bribe?

Family members have taken offence.
Family members have not taken offence.
Have family members taken offence?
Have family members not taken offence?

She has got first position.
She has not got first position.
Has she got first position?
Has she not got first position?

1st assignment

They have won the match.
Some prisoners have escaped.
Rain has stopped.
They have taken the patient to the hospital.
2nd assignment
make five sentences using present perfect tense

Vocabulary of the day

learn something by heart
to learn something so well that it can be written or recited without thinking; to memorize something
Zabani yaad karna
He is an intelligent child and has has learnt many poems by heart

Golden words

Always See good in everyone.
Be blind to the faults of others.
It brings peace in your life.
Things don’t change,
so Just change the way you look at them.

Question of the day

What is the best thing you did in your life so far?





Kya us nay imtehan pass ker leya hai?

Has he passed the examination?


Many jhoth nai bola hai.

I have not told a lie.

Part Four

Part Five






She has gone to Australia.

(=It means she is in Australia)

Wooh australia gayi hui hai



She has been to Australia.

(=It means she went to Australia and

come back as well)

Wooh australia ja cuki hai

Wooh australia se ho kar ayi hai


Note: “Been” is the past participle of both the verbs go and come. And “to” is preposition that follows a noun (name of a place). If there is no noun, we drop to


She has been to America once.

Wooh america sey aik dafa ho kar ayi hai

Woh aik dafa america ja kar ayi hai

Wooh aik dafa america gayi


You have been to England twice.

Tum do dafa england sey ho kar aye ho

Tum dafa england gay ho


They have been to Japan thrice.

Wooh log japan 3 dafa gaye hai

Wooh log japan sey 3 dafa ho kar aye hai



He hasn’t been to Lahore even once.

Wooh aik dafa bhi lahore nehi gaya


My brother has never been to Islamabad.

Mera bhai kabhi islamabad nehi gaya



We have never ever been to Canada.

Hum kabhi bhi canada nehi gaye hai

Present  Perfect Tense

How many times have you been to Lahore?

App lahore kitni dafa gaye hai

App lahore sey kitni bar ho kar aye hai


How many times has she been to  America?

Wooh kitni dafa america gayi hai

Wooh kitni dafa america ja kar ayi hai


I have been there many times.

Main waha kafi dafa gaya ho

Main waha kafi dafa ja kar aya ho


Why haven’t you been here?

Tum yaha kyon nehi aye ho

Tum ney yaha cakar kiyon nehi lagaya


Your father hasn’t been to the market yet.

Tumhrey abu ney bazar ka cakkar ab tak nehi lagaya hai


Have you ever been here before?

Kiya tum yaha pehle aye ho


She has never been there.

Wooh waha kabhi nehi gayi


My elder brother has been to Malaysia  several times.

Mere barey bhai kafi martaba malaysia

sey ho kar aya hai







Quote of the day

If u are alive today and u know it is by

d grace of God can u just ignore

whatever u are doing and say” thank u

lord for your grace”


Question of the day –

Have you ever closed your eyes and

say to GOD/ALLAH ?

Thank You So much

thank you Allah !

Part Six

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