Short Story Princess Rose and the Creature

Short Story Princess Rose and the Creature

There was once a beautiful princess named Rose. Her mother, the queen, however, was not as beautiful as the princess. The queen felt bad that she was not the most beautiful woman in the kingdom anymore.

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She was tired of competing with her daughter. She made a decision. She prepared a drink for the princess. After the princess drank it, she fell asleep. Then the queen took the princess to the forest

She left the princess there. It was a very serious thing to do. “Either she will be killed by animals or she will get lost in the forest,” the queen thought. The princess had a dream. She dreamed about a man with brown hair and brown eyes. It was the man she would wed.

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The princess woke up. She saw a strange creature on the ground. It looked like a man, but he was hairy and green. He had horns on his head and a pig’s nose. The creature said, “Did I scare you? I hope not. Let me introduce myself. I am Henry.”

“I am not scared. To tell you the truth, I think you are cute,” said Rose. Rose and Henry spent the day together. They collected berries, caught fish, and had lunch. They had a very good day filled with nice conversations.

“Rose, I have to go home,” said Henry. “My ship will sail home soon. I can’t leave you here in the forest alone. Will you come with me? Rose was very happy. She gave Henry a kiss right on his pig nose.

As soon as she kissed Henry, he began to change. His pig nose turned into a man’s nose. His horns and green hair went away. Standing in front of her was the man Rose had dreamt about. Rose and Henry were married, and they lived happily.

Short Story Princess Rose and the Creature In Urdu Translation

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