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Defination Reflexive Pronouns

When the subject and object is same, we use reflexive pronoun. We can also use reflexive pronoun when we stress ( dabaoo dalna ya zoor dena) the idea of doing something in a sentence. eg)

myself, yourself, yourselves, ourselves, themselves, himself, herself, itself.
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Matching Reflexive And Personal Pronouns/Subject Pronouns

Personal Pronoun /Subject Pronoun









Reflexive Pronoun And Intensive Pronoun


Here are examples of all of these reflexive pronouns

If you don’t know what is wrong with yourself, then ask a doctor.

Ager tum khud nehi janty tumhre saath kiya masla hai toh phir doctor se poucho

She bought herself a new purse for her new job.

Us ney apney liye khud naya purse liya apni nayi job k liye


I heard this myself. OR I myself heard this.

Maine yeh khod suna

He cooked the dinner himself. OR He himself cooked the dinner.

Us ney khud raat ka khana bana apne liye banaya


Would you like to help yourself to another drink?
kiya tum apne liye aik aur drink bana pasand karo gai


I wish the children would behave themselves.
meri khwaish hai k bachey achi tarha peesh aye


I saw myself as a famous actor.
imagination ( main aik mashoor actor tha maine dheka)


You should think about yourself.

Tumhey apney barey mein sochna chahye

They prepared themselves for completion.

Woh log apne muqabaly ki tayari kar rahe hai


He bought a car for himself.

Us ney apney liye car kareed li

He locked himself in the room.

Us ney apne app ko kamrey mein band karliya

He who loves only himself is a selfish.

Jo sirf apne app se pyar karta ha wooh matlbi hota hai



Note: Reflexive can also be used to give more emphasis on subject or object. If a reflexive pronoun is used to give more emphasis on a subject or an object, it is called “Intensive Pronoun”..


For example, she herself started to think about herself.

In the above sentence the first “herself” is used as intensive pronoun while the second “herself” is used as reflexive pronoun.
See the following examples of intensive pronouns.


Intensive Pronouns

I myself am sick of the heat.

You yourself are responsible for this mess!

The president himself appeared at the rally.

The actress herself wrote those lines.

The cat itself caught the mouse.

We ourselves made the meal.

You yourselves can win this game.

I did it myself. OR. I myself did it.
She herself washed the clothes.
He himself decided to go to New York.
She herself told me.

The children got dressed  by themselves

He himself finished the whole job.


I myself didn’t believe anything she said.



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Most Common Mistakes In Reflexive Pronoun



Correct : Tariq Killed himself (tariq apneapp ko katal kar diya) Reflexive pronoun

Incorrect:  Tariq killed him ( ttariq usey marta hai) this is not Reflexive pronoun

Correct both of you should be proud of yourselves

Incorrect:  both of you should be proud of yourself Wrong

Correct I am making myself cup of tea

Incorrect:   I am making me cup of tea Wrong

Incorrect:    tariq shaved himself Wrong

Incorrect:   Suleman and myself are eating Biryani Wrong

Incorrect:    they invited themselves Wrong

Wrong  he hear himself Wrong

CORRECT    : Please give it to John or me.

CORRECT    : You saw me being myself.

Incorrect:  My brother and myself did it. Wrong

CORRECT    : My brother and I did it.



Incorrect:  Myself tariq aziz   Wrong

Incorrect:  I am good and yourself Wrong

Incorrect:  My friend invited my mom and myself for lunch Wrong

Incorrect:  Maryum and myself went for  movie Wrong

Incorrect:  They invited themselves Wrong

Incorrect:  Suleman and myself are eating  Wrong

Incorrect:  Tariq shave himself

Golden Words

Bullay Shah says.Us de naal Yaari kadi na rakhiyo jis nu apne te gurur howay,.(Never fall in love with a proud person)Maa baap Nu bura na Akhiyo, chahe lakh unhan da Qasurhoway,…(Never scold your mother or father even if they are at fault/they are wrong)Rah chalde nu dil na daiyo, chahe lakkh chehre te noorhoway,….( Never fall in love with a drifter even if he is mostHANDSOME)Oh Bulliya dosti sirf uthe kariyo jithe dosti nibhawan dadastoor howay.( Fall in love with a person who has the guts to honor yourlove says Bullay Shah)


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