Regular | Daily | Common used English sentences in Urdu

Lesson Eighty-Four Regular | Daily | Common used English sentences in Urdu | Hindi

I love your (shoes/necklace etc.). Where did you get it/them?”

Majhey app k(shoes/necklace wagra pasand aye app unhey /usey kaha se liya


I love your purse. Where did you get it?”

Majhey tumhra bag pasand aya kaha sey liya


I love your clothes. Where did you get them?”

Majhey tumhrey kaprey pasand aye kaha sey liye


Here you are.

Yeh lo / yeh lejeiye


Let’s grab lunch.

Chalo dopher ka khaaney chaltey hai


Read out loud!

Zor sey parho


Speak up!

Zor sey boley


Excuse me, can you please speak up.

Suney barey merharbani kiya app zor sey bol saktey hai


I don’t understand this. Can you please explain it?

Main samjha nehi yeh kiya app wazat karey gai e ski


See for yourself.

Khud pata karoo


Put him on phone.

Usey phone per bulao


I put on my slippers.

Main apni chappaley pehanta ho


He is old enough

Wooh kaafi old/ Burhap hai


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