Sentence Structure with All Tense Rule Table/Chart in English

Sentence Structure with All Tense Rule Table/Chart in English

All Tense Rule Table/Chart in English
All Tense Rule Table/Chart in English

Tenses chart

tense form affirmative negative Yes / no question   Wh – questions
Present simple bfv/ s’ or es I eat.

She eats.


I don’t eat.

She doesn’t eat.

Do you eat?

Does she eat?

Who eats?

What does she eat ?

Present progressive am/is/are +ing I am eating.

You are eating .

She is eating.

I am not eating.

You aren’t eating.

She isn’t eating.

Am i eating?

Are you eating?

Is he eating?

Who is eating?

Why are you eating?

Past simple Past tenses (pt) / BFV I ate/ played.

She ate / played.

They ate / played.

I didn’t eat.

She didn’t play.

We didn’t play .

Did you eat?

Did she play?

Did we eat?

Who ate/played?

Where did she eat?

Past progressive was/were +verb + ing I was eating.

You were eating.

She was eating.

I wasn’t eating.

You weren’t eating.

She wasn’t eating.

Was i eating?

Were you eating?

Was she eating?

Who was eating?

What were you eating?

Present perfect Have/has+past  participle I have eaten.

She has eaten.

You have eaten.

I haven’t eaten.

She hasn’t eaten.

You haven’t eaten.

Have you eaten ?

has she played?

Who has eaten?

Why have you eaten?

Present perfect progressive have / has+been+v-ing I have been eating.

She has been eating.

We have been eating.

I haven’t been eating.

She hasn’t been eating.

We haven’t been eating.

Have you been eating?

Has she been eating?

Who has been eating?

Why have you been eating?

Past perfect Had+past participle I had eaten.

She had eaten.

I hadn’t eaten

She hadn’t eaten.

Had you eaten?

Had she eaten?

Who had eaten?

Why had you eaten?

Past perfect progressive had+been+v-ing I had been eating.

She had been eating.

I hadn’t been eating.

She hadn’t been eating.

Had she been eating?

Had you been eating?

Who had been eating?

Why had you been eating?

Future simple will+bfv I will eat .

She will eat.

We will eat.

I won’t eat.

She won’t eat.

We won’t eat.

Will you eat?

Will she eat?

Who will eat?

When will she will she eat?

Be + going to am/is/are+going to+ bfv I am going to eat.

She is going to eat.

We are going to eat.

I’ m not going to eat.

She isn’t going to eat.

We’re not going to eat.

Are we going to eat?

Is she going to eat?

Who is going to eat?

When are you going to eat?

Future progressive will+be+v-ing I will be eating.

She will be eating.

We will be eating.

I won’t be eating.

She won’t be eating.

We won’t be eating .

Will she be eating?

Will we be eating?

Who will be eating?

When will you be eating?

Future perfect Will+have+past participle I will have eaten.

She will have eaten.

I won’t have eaten.

She won’t have eaten.

Will you have eaten?

Will she have eaten?

Who will have eten?

Where will you have eaten ?

Future perfect progressive Will32


I will have been eating.

She will have been eating.

I won’t have been eating.

She won’t have been eating.

Will you have been eating? Who will have been eating?

What will you have been eating?

imperative      bfv      Eat !  Don’t eat!     Nil       Nil

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