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Short Story ‘She Was Fat’ By Sawaira ~Top Story Of The Month

She Was Fat By Sawaira Sial, Multan ~Top Story Of The Month

she-was-fat-by-sawaira-300x225 Short Story 'She Was Fat' By Sawaira ~Top Story Of The Month
she was fat by sawaira

Kia… Kia…Kia I say open the door”, her sister knocked on her door, “What is the matter?”
There was a bang(kari zarb) on the door. Her father was trying to open the door and door shook(Hilana) viciously(gussay sey). The bolt(Kundii/chatkhani) of the door broke and flew in the air. It fell on the ground near her bed.

“Kia….” was all what her brother could utter(mou say kahna). All of them rushed into the room and near her bed. She was lying motionless on her bed. Her mother let out a scream and fainted.
Kia had beauty with brains. All her face cuts were just perfect. She had deep eyes and a smile to die for. She was not only blessed with a charming face but also a beautiful pure heart.

Unfortunately, not everyone chose to compliment her for her nature and beauty. Only a very few would do so. She would usually laugh when someone would give her a compliment her because most people chose to tease her for her weight she had put on naturally.She was a bit bulky (thori si moti) since very young age and for that she had heard enough taunts to shatter (chakhna chor) her to pieces.

The effect of their taunts and teasing on her young mind was such that she lost confidence, self-love and she was drenched(Tar Baa Tar Karna) badly in inferiority complex. (ahsas e kamtari)
She used to show that she ignored what everybody said but her lifestyle would reflect that the effects of the taunts were severe.

She was very conscious about her fashion statement. Her legs could not fit the tight fitted pants so she opted (intikhab karna)loose trousers. T-shirts would make her look even more fat so she chose to wear long shirts. Black was her favorite color because once she heard, “Black makes you look slim.” Her dressing made her look older than her age.

People were of the view that she never pays heed(tawaja Dena) to what others say and she herself wants to be like this. They were all just assumptions. Cardio(warzish) was her routine and skipping meals was common but all those fats they were somehow stubborn. Guess, they were more loyal to her than many of her so-called friends as they refused to leave her at any cost

As she grew up taller and older her beauty increased and so did her anxiety.(Tashweesh) She was pretty but fat and the fact that her whole family was in perfect shape and she was the odd(Be Jor/ajeeb) one out she felt like ugly duckling(Batakh Ka Chuza). Moreover, adding to her tensions they started advising her doctors and therapies.

Here if the reality is to be told she was just chubby(Gol Matol) and not that fat. It was people who called her fat. She was never like growing fats abnormally. Maybe she was just some lbs(hasna lekin sanjda hokay). more than the perfect weight for her age and height. The people called her fat because she was not like other girls who look like models with all their bones prominent from the skin.

From extensive workouts to praying in church, Katherine would just wish to get slim. She was getting slim but the process was just a bit slow. During her teenage days she fell in love with a guy. The guy was tall, muscular and they met in a convocation.(Ijtama) There they developed a strong bond (Jazbati Taluq) and the things got serious and they both were dying to marry each other.

Haisam was a great guy but was greatly under influence of the society who would maintain outer looks rather than cleaning the dirt of their hearts. He after sometime asked her to get slim. She started trying harder. The change was evident(waazey) and all her close friends could tell that. Haisam however refused to accept. One day he told her that he is going to talk to his mother. Her happiness knew no limits.

Days passed and one day he called her. He sounded less upset and angrier. “Can’t you just lose weight for once? Like for God’s sake!” She felt numb(Sun hona) that the conversation didn’t start from hi or how are you but with a rude order. Still she was used to it so she gathered herself and stopped herself from sounding offended and upset. “Look! I am trying.” “No, you are not. You can’t.”

“I want to and I am trying.” “Just see my sister. She has lost so much weight. Why? Because her husband wanted. My brother’s wife too changed herself for him. Can’t you do same for me?” “I can do anything for you but it’s not like that as you are assuming.” “You don’t want to be with me!” “I want to be. I am trying.” “Results?” “It will take some time for more evident results but I am losing weight.” “I can’t see that.”

“Haisam, you have not seen me and just in a month I have lost weight and I know I will but some time.” “I have already given you a month. Now listen to me I have talked to my mother. I showed your picture. My sister was there too. They said no. The only reason they gave was that you are fat. My mother is of the opinion that people will laugh at us for making a fat girl the part of family

people will laugh at us for making a fat girl the part of family
My sister said that they don’t want to become a joke in the society. I can not go against them. If you loved me you would have changed. Bye.” “If you would have loved me you would have accepted me the way I am.” Listening this he hung up.


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Written By Sawaira Sial, Multan
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Video recorded By Tariq Aziz
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